5 St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids (Babies & Toddlers) 

St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids can bring your little ones into the spirit of the season that’s enjoyable and entertaining while helping them learn and explore! There are so many great ideas out there that you can use to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your baby or toddler. From simple arts and crafts projects to sensory play – we’ve got some amazing ways for them to tap into their inner leprechaun this year.  

Below we’ll share five activities, from easy projects to sensory play experiments specially designed for children’s development. 

5 St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

Are you seeking lucky inspiration in St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids and babies? Here are five ideas that will strike gold with your little leprechauns. 

1. Green Leaf Clover Hand Painting for All Ages 

The first idea on our list is one of our perfect St. Patrick’s Day activities for preschoolers and babies. Green clover leaf hand painting is suitable for all kid’s ages and can be swapped with feet painting too. Use child-safe paint and use printable templates for kids to paint within the lines and strengthen their fine motor skills. Hand and feed painting are also great St. Patrick’s Day infant crafts because you can use edible paint like green food coloring pudding, so they can get messy safely while having fun creating art.  


2. Edible Rainbow Cereal Necklaces 

Another great St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids are edible rainbow cereal necklaces. Children can use their favorite cereals like Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, or Cheerios with edible food paint to build a rainbow cereal necklace. Rainbow cereal necklaces are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day activities for elementary students because it helps develop their fine motor skills while giving them a snack. As a caution, ensure an adult supervises children making these necklaces to avoid choking hazards from the string.  

For the safest option appropriate for younger children, use licorice or Twizzlers as your necklace “string” to put the cereal through and prevent any micro yarns from being swallowed. For babies, consider using softer cereal pieces or foods like marshmallows if solids are hard to chew.  


3. St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bins for All Ages

Next on our list of St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids are sensory bins, which are perfect for all age groups. They’re customizable for each child’s age to fit their sensory development milestone needs.  

Sensory bins in preschool St. Patrick’s Day activities can include cereal as the base, a child-safe scooper, and a cup so they can easily dig, move toys around, and scoop to strengthen their fine and gross motor skills. Try using various textures and colors for more layers of sensory play.  

Sensory bins in St. Patrick’s Day infant crafts can use more baby-safe options. Instead of whole cereal as the base, use ground-up cereal as “sand”, so it’s edible and age-appropriate. Or, for a less messy option, sensory bottles are great for infants too.  


4. Leprechaun Snacks for Babies & Toddlers

Next on our list of St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids is making leprechaun-inspired snacks. The great part of this activity is that the food can be tailored for each age group.  

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Toddlers: Leprechaun Snacks

For example, leprechaun snacks as St. Patrick’s Day activities for preschoolers can include all of their favorite holiday-inspired treats, such as: 

  • Green chocolate-dipped pretzels – use food coloring to white chocolate, melt, dip the pretzels in the melted chocolate, and decorate with green and golds sprinkles while wet, so it sticks 
  • Marshmallow-pretzel leprechaun hats – dip the pretzel in melted chocolate, and place a marshmallow on top while it’s wet to create a hat structure, and decorate 
  • Leprechaun bait – a popcorn-trail mix blend with green M&Ms and gold chocolate coins 

Try sneaking in new flavors and foods that can help expose your toddler to new tastes. It’s perfect for developing their sense of taste when they try new foods. 

Leprechaun Snacks for Elementary School Age 

For older age groups, leprechaun snacks can also work as St. Patrick’s Day activities for 2nd-grade children. Try elevating these holiday recipes and have them bake them together with an adult, such as: 

  • Leprechaun cupcakes — choose any flavor with green food coloring, frosting, green/gold sprinkles, rainbow edible glitter, etc.  
  • Shamrock shakes — mint chocolate chip or pistachio ice cream flavors blended with ice 
  • Leprechaun graham cracker houses – like Christmas gingerbread houses, but luckier! 
  • Green fruit & veggie jars — a healthier alternative, pack green apples, green grapes, kiwi, celery, and honeydew into mason jars 

These recipes are also great St. Patrick’s Day activities for 3rd grade by increasing their responsibility in making them together.  

Leprechaun Snacks for Babies

For a baby leprechaun-inspired snack, make sure they’re age-appropriate for what they can eat, like hard and soft solids. Try a St. Patty’s Day-themed pudding for little ones who can’t chew hard foods. Simply use vanilla pudding, add some green food coloring, mix, and enjoy! Best of all, this recipe can be for all age groups.  


5. St. Patrick’s Day Baby Photoshoot

The last on our list of St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids is a holiday-themed photoshoot. Holiday-themed photoshoots are perfect for all ages, and you get a timeless memory forever together.  

Here are some St. Patrick’s Day baby photoshoot ideas to try: 

  • For babies – a bowl of lucky charms, fill a baby tub with rainbow cereal, decorate with green accessories 
  • For toddlers – little leprechaun, green outfit, and top hat 
  • For elementary and upper secondary — rainbow backdrop, a pot of gold, clover leaf props 

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These five St. Patrick’s Day activities for kids are great ways to get your little ones excited about the lucky holiday. From green leaf clover hand painting to leprechaun snacks, there’s something here for every age group.  

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