7 Backyard Baptism Party Ideas 

Are you looking for backyard baptism party ideas? Bebe Couture is here to help! We know that celebrating your little one’s day of baptism is an incredibly special occasion. That’s why we’ve put together some baptism party ideas to help you make the most of this day. From curating the perfect menu to setting up a beautiful backyard space, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started! 

Backyard Baptism Party Themes 

Coming up with a theme and supplies for a baptism party can be difficult and time consuming, that’s why we have compiled a list of the top ideas for you to choose from! There are seven themes we will focus on and show you how you can bring a party like this to life. Go grab a pen and paper so you can get all these wonderful ideas down for your next celebration.  

We will also go over different food options, as well as decorations to use and favors to hand out after the celebration to make your party a success! 

Blue and White Party 

Using a blue and white color scheme gives more flexibility with the food and party decorations. Once your colors match, you can use anything from balloons to streamers to create the perfect space. This also goes for the food and favors where you can mix and match items to find what works best for your backyard baptism party. 


Food: cupcakes, cookies, cake pops  

Decoration: blue and white balloons, streamers, confetti 

Party Favor: pocket rosaries, personalized m&ms, bead necklaces 

This theme will kick the blues and make the occasion memorable. 

Pink and Gold Party 

You can choose from an abundance of party decorations and food ideas, just remember to keep it on theme with pink and gold. This theme allows for flexibility as well and can have added details such as an animal print, an extra color, or even a character theme like Minnie Mouse. Decide what works best for your family and the celebration is sure to be a blast. 


Food: macarons, chocolate covered strawberries, cake 

Decoration: paper lanterns, banner, photo backdrops 

Party Favor: candles, personalized picture frames, mini dessert box 

This ceremony is sure to bring the bling and keep all your guests happy. 

Backyard Barbecue 

The smell of grilled food and laughter filling the air at your backyard baptism party is sure to leave the neighbors jealous. Some backyard favorites include kabobs with a variety of meats and veggies as well as pigs in a blanket that make perfect finger food for the little ones. As for decorations, be sure to have gingham patterns around with hay bales as seating and sunflowers to decorate the space. 


Food: pigs in a blanket, veggie tray, kabobs 

Decoration: gingham pattern, hay, sunflowers 

Party Favor: individual wrapped smores, personalized BBQ sauce, sparklers 

A rodeo like this will keep your guests dancing all day long. 

Tea Time Party 

For a magical teatime party, try serving finger sandwiches of different varieties such as tomato and mozzarella or peanut butter and jelly. Be sure to add a fruit salad for a sweet and healthy treat. Decorations should include teapots that could be used during the party or for decoration, and candles or flowers that can be real or fake depending on your preference. 


Food: finger sandwiches, fruit salad, pretzels 

Decoration: teapots, candles, fresh flowers 

Party Favor: loose leaf tea, personalized bible, tea infuser 

There’s no doubt that this ceremony will be a hit with all your guests. 

Tropical Safari Party 

A tropical safari party theme like this is sure to turn heads. When decorating, use plants/vines to cover the walls as well as any animal prints. These prints could include tiger, giraffe, or zebra depending on what your child’s favorite is, and be on balloons, a napkin, or paper plates to make the backyard festive. For party favors, try mini cacti or succulents along with safari hats as a reminder of your baby’s important day. 


Food: chocolate covered pretzels, chips and dip, fruits 

Decoration: foliage, animal print, paper fans 

Party Favor: succulent/cactus, safari hat, themed rubber duckies 

A jungle adventure like this will make everyone roar with pleasure. 

Garden Party 

A childs baptism in the backyard garden would be perfect with the gorgeous floral and greenery backdrop. Try making a cheese and cracker board for a tasty snack during the backyard baptism. If you want to make the celebration even sweeter, try out donuts or cake! As for decorations, floral centerpieces will tie in with the scenery and string lights to bring in the magical touch.  


Food: cheese and crackers, donuts, cake 

Decoration: floral arrangements, string lights, pillows 

Party Favor: card with seeds in it, tealights, mini hand sanitizer 

This fairytale garden theme will be a wonderful memory for years to come. 

Picnic Party 

The peaceful outdoors will make the best backdrop for a picnic party along with lights and a basket for the supplies. For the perfect picnic, be sure to bring plenty of blankets for everyone to sit on and pillows for extra cushion. Pack lots of snacks including sandwich pinwheels, veggie trays with dip, and cookies for dessert. As for party favors, try filling mini picnic baskets with goodies or snacks, pass out bubbles, or find some local honey near you to jar individually.  


Food: sandwich pinwheels, veggie tray, cookies 

Decoration: string lights, blankets, pillows 

Party Favor: mini picnic basket, bubbles, local honey 

This picnic party will be sure to create a buzz of positivity throughout. 

Celebrate with the Perfect Christening Outfit! 

There you have it! Seven backyard baptism party ideas to help make your little one’s big day even more special. Now all that’s left to do is choose the perfect christening outfit for your baby. Bebe Couture has a wide selection of christening outfit accessories and clothing to choose from. Shop today and make your backyard baptism party one to remember! 

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