Baby Boy Blessing Outfit: Considering Your Options

A baby blessing is a joyful and memorable occasion. Family and friends come from far and wide to show support. With this big day in your near future, it’s an excellent time to get some planning out of the way—starting with the fun things first—baby clothes. Let’s start with looking for the perfect baby boy blessing outfit.

LDS Baby Boy Blessing Outfit: Questions to Ask Yourself

There are many baby blessing outfit styles. It can be hard to know exactly how to dress your baby for his first significant milestone. The following questions should help you to get a better idea of the style of baby blessing suit you want to find.

Do you want a white blessing outfit?

White traditionally symbolizes purity. That’s why it’s so associated with baby blessings. However, LDS blessings do not require the baby to be dressed in white. It’s up to you and your family. You can either lean in and get an all-white blessing suit, a white suit with colored accents, or a traditional dark suit for a blessing.

How do you feel about pastels?

One twist on the traditional white blessing attire is a white blessing outfit with pastel accents. Adding pastels is a great way to mix a traditional blessing look with a fun, modern flair.

Are you looking for long sleeves or short?

When it’s time for your baby to be blessed, what season will it be? It’s best to plan ahead to ensure that your tiny outfit is both cute and seasonally appropriate.

Are you planning a reception afterward?

Many LDS families plan a blessing reception. These gatherings are usually planned directly after church or in the evening. If you are planning on wearing your Sunday best all day, you want to make sure the baby is in something comfy. Consider looking for a jersey or knit baby boy blessing outfit.

Do you want a simple look or an outfit complete with accessories?

While babies look cute in anything, you might want to start with a simple onesie. Beyond that, baby accessories are the cutest. Consider a baby bonnet, cute white hat, or pair of baby blessing shoes that coordinate to complete your baby’s blessing ensemble.

Are you planning on taking family photos?

A baby blessing is a great day to capture photos. Many people take family photos either in the church foyer or outside of the church building. If that’s the plan, you can make sure the rest of the family is dressed in coordinating outfits or accent colors that go with your baby boy blessing outfit.

Bebe Couture — LDS Blessing Outfits for Boys

At Bebe Couture, we specialize in baby blessing outfits for boys. We have an entire collection of outfits and accessories to make your little guy stand out on his first big day. Check some of the most popular blessing outfits for boys from our collection:

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