Fun Baby Stocking Stuffers by Age Group

If you have a little one in your life, you may wonder what kind of baby stocking stuffers to get for Christmas. You want something age-appropriate yet still fun, festive, and valuable. Below is a list of baby stocking stuffer ideas by age group as a guide for this holiday season.  

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

If you’re looking for the perfect baby stocking stuffers, you can choose from various fun and educational toys that will bring smiles to their faces. Whether you have babies or toddlers, there’s something special and age-appropriate for each child.  Here are some stocking stuffers ideas to get inspiration for holiday gifts.  

Bathtime Toys

Bath toys are always a hit with young children! Parents or guardians also enjoy them because bath play helps children with sensory development. Look for fun and colorful characters that can float in the tub, puzzles, and games that teach basic shapes and colors. Magic water-drawing mats are another great stocking stuffer option because they can draw freely without the mess.  

Bedtime Cuddlers

There are many benefits of bedtime cuddlers for children’s sleep. From promoting calmness to imaginative play, bedtime cuddlers are a great stocking stuffer idea. However, it’s important to note that not all age groups can sleep with stuffed animals for health and safety. Babies 0-12 months cannot sleep with bedtime cuddlers, so make sure this is an age-appropriate baby stocking stuffer. Look for a plush toy of their favorite cartoon or a security blanket that will become the child’s companion when it’s time for sleep. 

Forever Keepsakes

Whether it’s a personalized ornament or a framed holiday photo, forever keepsakes are a timeless way to commemorate Christmas. Parents can hang them up for the holidays each year and cherish the festive milestone you captured.   

Learning Toys

Learning toys are a great way for children to have play time while being educational. Some great educational baby stocking stuffer ideas are: 

  • Puzzles  
  • Board books 
  • Shape sorters 

Make sure to check the product label for the appropriate age group. After plenty of playtime, these toys are sure to keep their minds sharp while having fun.  

Clothes and Accessories

Children grow rapidly, so new clothes are always practical for them and their parents. Look for practical and comfortable clothes they can easily and quickly change, such as: 

  • T-shirts without buttons- use snap or fake sewed-on buttons over traditional ones to make changing clothes easier 
  • No-tie sneakers– prevent them from tripping over laces and are practical for parents dressing babies 
  • Leggings– for kids to easily move in and grow into 

Try our children’s sizing chart to guide you on clothing sizes by age group.  

baby stocking stuffers

Baby Stocking Stuffers by Age Group

Depending on the age of your little one, the types of stocking stuffers you can get may differ. Here are some toy guidelines for babies and toddlers by age group.  

Newborns & Infants (0-6 Months)

For newborns, focus on stocking stuffers that are practical for parents during these early stages. Some great gift ideas that promote a newborn’s growth development are: 

  • Tummy time pillows- helps muscle growth and motor skills  
  • Teething rings- alleviates growing teeth pains  
  • Soft books- safe for reading time without sharp paper 

These all will make great baby stocking stuffers for the newborns in your life.  

Older Infants (6-11 Months)

When it comes to older infants, they enjoy experiencing and observing at this age. Babies aged 6-11 months are touching and tasting everything. Look for toys that stimulate their sight with bright colors or fun sounds to stimulate their hearing.  

Here are some baby stocking stuffers for this age group: 

  • Rattles 
  • Books with nursery rhymes  
  • Toys with baby-safe mirrors  

Toys for older infants should focus on sensory development with fun playtime experiences.  


For one-year-olds, find toys that can keep up with them! At this developmental stage, they typically crawl, climb, and speak their first words. Some best baby stocking stuffers for this age are:  

  • Wooden blocks 
  • Baby-safe balls  
  • Non-toxic crayons or markers 

These baby stocking stuffers are great ways to help older infants explore their senses and imaginative play.  


For 18-month-olds, they’re now walking and on the go. Finding toys that can keep up with these toddlers is essential to promoting their new physicality and discovery.  Some baby stocking stuffers perfect for this age group are: 

  • Books for vocabulary 
  • Music toys for dancing 
  • Simple puzzles 

By promoting open-ended play with these toy ideas, you can open a world of imagination for toddlers.  


At this age, your toddler is now a mini human. They’re more aware of their environment and have developed language skills. Look for toys that strengthen fine and gross motor skills, such as: 

  • Farm animal figures  
  • Doctor’s kit 
  • Pretend kitchen set 

These can also help encourage pretend play which is essential for toddlers’ emotion regulation.  

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The holidays are a magical time for family, love, and laughter. No matter which gift you choose, enjoy this time and create lifelong memories together. 

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