Baptism Gift Ideas

It’s that time again — time to start thinking about baptism gift ideas. We all know how significant this day is in Christian homes, so we want to offer them something special. So, what can you get as a baptism gift for a baby? 

There are many baptism gifts out. An excellent place to start is by considering their needs — such as diapers, wipes, clothes (especially if they were born early), blankets, or swaddling items like receiving blankets or sleep sacks.   

A toy or two wouldn’t hurt either! If you are invited to the baby or toddler’s baptism, then it might be fun and meaningful to find something baptism-related to give.   

Do you give a gift for a baptism?   

Do you give baptism gifts for babies? It’s something that many people wonder about. Some do, and some don’t. Baptism is a very meaningful occasion in the life of any Christian family, so it can be a great time to celebrate this momentous event with a baptism gift!   

It’s not necessary — but if you’re looking for ideas, then there are plenty out there! For example, you could think about giving items the child will need as they grow up, such as clothes or shoes. Baptism gifts may be anything from baptism blankets to religious items. It’s entirely up to you!   

Traditional Baptism Gifts   

Are baptism gifts traditional? Well, it depends on what you mean by traditional! If there’s a tradition in your family or the child’s church, then that will influence your baptism gift ideas.   

If you’re not sure about baptism gifts and traditions, then here are some of the most common ones:   

  • A cross necklace with baby footprints engraved into them. These make lovely keepsakes to remember baptism day by.    
  • Baby baptism candle as a keepsake for years to come (many churches now give out candles at every baptism service!)   
  • Bible verses printed onto clothing like t-shirts, bibs etc. This can be fun because they’ll grow up with those words around them all the time! It helps Christian families stay strong and reminds children that their faith is important.   
  • A baptism blanket of some kind to keep the baby warm on that special day!   

Baptism Gift Suggestions   

Here are a few more baptism gift ideas to consider:   

  • A baptism candle holder is a great way for families to display their baptism candle.  
  • Clothing like baptism bibs and hats etc. These make great baptism gifts because you know babies will get plenty of use out of them in future years! 
  • A rosary bracelet makes an ideal spiritual reminder for children who have just been baptized into the Catholic religion.  
  • A Christian baptism cross necklace for baby girls or boys. This can be a lovely baptism gift because they will wear it for many years to come, and it’s something meaningful, which is always special. 

As you can see, there are so many baptism gifts out there that children might like and cherish as they mature. Just keep looking until you find the perfect one! 

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