Christmas Baby Photoshoot Ideas

It’s that time of year again. The air is crisp, the leaves are falling, and Christmas lights are up everywhere you look. What better way to capture your family’s Christmas memories than with a Christmas baby photoshoot! But, where do you start? With these Christmas baby photoshoot ideas, you can make this Christmas one for the books! 

Christmas Baby Photoshoot Ideas 

For many families, Christmas is a time of togetherness. It’s a time when loved ones come from near and far to celebrate the holiday season. What better way to capture this moment than with photos of your newborn baby? Newborns change so much in their first few months of life, so it’s important to document their first Christmas. 

Moreover, there are so many Christmas baby photoshoot ideas to choose from! You can go for a traditional look with Christmas lights in the background or go for something more whimsical, like a winter wonderland scene. Whatever your choice, make sure to capture the joy and magic of Christmas in your photos. 

  • The Perfect Gift – Put baby in a gift box or wrapped present box. If your little one is too young to sit, take a picture of them in a long, shallow gift box. 
Source: Coco’s Caravan
  • Decorating the Tree – Take a photo of your newborn with Christmas decorations strewn around on a white fluffy blanket. Depending on the age of your baby, use sitting, tummy time, or resting as your pose. 
Source: Dani Reggiardo
  • Fairy Lights –Take a photo of your baby surrounded by fairy lights. The lights will undoubtedly intrigue them, and you’ll get some adorable expressions! 
Source: Keeping up with the Morgans
  • Reading a Book – Get your little one a Christmas book and have him read it – this is especially sweet if you put your baby on his tummy or if he’s sitting and reading the book. You may open the book for a very young baby and set him to sleep on it. 
Source: On Garden Drive
  • Asleep In a Stocking – If your baby is too young to open Christmas presents this year, capture a photo of them sleeping under or inside their stocking for Santa! Add a Santa hat and candy cane in their hand to make it more adorable. 
Source: Stepping Stones
  • Asleep in Front of the Christmas Tree – Take a photo of your child sleeping beside the Christmas tree with the fairy lights and presents around them! 
Source: Beth Dreyer

A Photo from Above –Put baby on your white fluffy blanket next to the Christmas tree. Take a photo from above, making sure you include the tree branches and ornaments in the shot.  

Source: Carlee Castle Photography

Finding More Baby Christmas Picture Ideas 

If you’re looking for more newborn Christmas photo ideas, the internet is a wonderful place to start. One of our favorite resources is Pinterest. Just type in “Christmas baby photos” and you’ll be inundated with ideas. Additionally, you can search for specific Christmas baby photoshoot ideas, like “baby Christmas photo ideas.” 

Pinterest suggestions 

Instagram hashtags 

Another great resource is Instagram. If you’re looking for inspiration, just type in these hashtags and you’ll get thousands of ideas. 

Christmas Baby Photoshoot Tips for Parents 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the choices involved in a Christmas baby photoshoot, try to take photos that are natural and candid. Try not to over-plan your Christmas baby photoshoot by thinking about what you want the end product to look like too much beforehand. Just let yourself enjoy this special time with your child! 

Photo tips for newborn Christmas pictures:  

  • Comfortable clothing: have baby wear something that is comfortable and easy to sleep in.  
  • Lighting: Try to avoid direct sunlight, which might be too harsh for photos of a newborn – using the Christmas tree lights or fairy lights indoors creates beautiful lighting conditions. You may also use an off-camera flash if you’re shooting with your phone, but do not rely on this as your only light source. 
  • Posing: As tempting as it may be to pose baby in cute positions, they will be more comfortable if you just let them sleep or lie naturally. Try not to disturb them too much – the best photos are often the most natural ones! 
  • Backgrounds: Choose a simple background that won’t distract from your baby – a plain white wall or a textured rug work well. 
  • Using safe props: Keep it simple! A few Christmas-themed accessories like a Santa hat, Christmas tree, baubles etc. can add interest to the photos but don’t go overboard. 
  • Ornaments: If you want, decorate baby’s crib or blanket with Christmas ornaments like stars and baubles – make sure they are not choking hazards though!  

Christmas Baby Photoshoot Outfits 

Finally, it’s all about the outfit! Baby’s first Christmas is an incredibly special occasion, so consider the outfit carefully. It should be comfortable and safe for baby. If you’re taking photos outdoors in wintry weather make sure to dress them appropriately with hats, gloves, and so on. 

We know that a Christmas photoshoot calls for a special Christmas outfit for your baby boy. We’ve got red, green, and plaid onesies so you can choose your favorite or get them all. Made from soft and cozy materials these Christmas-themed outfits will keep your baby warm and comfortable. So, check out some of our Bebe Couture Holiday outfits, perfect for your little prince. 

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