DIY Fall Baby Photoshoot Ideas

Are you looking for fall baby photoshoot ideas and unsure where to begin? We’ve got you covered! These tips and tricks will give you the cutest pictures of your little one this fall season. From what to wear to the props and location, we’ll cover all details to have the perfect DIY baby photos in your backyard. Follow along and decide which ideas are your fall seasonal favorites.

Photoshoot Location 101

The background location is essential when planning fall photos for your little one. Since the weather is cooler and foliage begins, we recommend scouting an outdoor area to add scenery. Below are the top three locations perfect for any autumn photoshoot.

Backyard Baby Photos

The backyard is the most convenient choice for photoshoot locations. Taking photos in the backyard adds comfort and allows you to change any scenery necessary for the best shot. There is also the ease of setting up and cleaning up, with your things only needing to make them back into the house. Having newborn photos in the backyard is the most practical option in case of any unexpected baby messes.

State Park Photoshoot Ideas

If you do not have a backyard, try going to a state park near for the scenery needed for a fall baby photoshoot. Since state parks are protected, there will be plenty of natural scenery that you can revisit later to recreate new memories. Try finding a camping site or landmark to plan for future photoshoots as your baby grows.

School Yard Shoots

For an animated background, try the school park! With plenty of trees and a playground behind, it will make the cutest baby fall photoshoot photos. For some additional images, try posing your baby on:

  • Slide
  • Swings
  • Rock Climbers

The schoolyard theme is also the perfect setup to revisit for future shoots as your baby grows.

Fall Photoshoot Props

A fall photo shoot is timeless, and props can make it shine with minimal effort. Here are several props options to use for precious seasonal memories.

Pumpkin Props

Pumpkins are a versatile prop for a fall photoshoot. They can be used for any age and always represent that autumn is here. Some ways to use pumpkins in your photoshoot would be:

  • Milk Bath – Mix milk and water to make a milk bath, then throw some baby pumpkins inside.
  • Pumpkin Stack- Vertically stack the pumpkins to compare how much your baby has grown
  • Rustic Scattering- Lay down a blanket, scatter the pumpkin around, and place your little one in the center for a natural theme.

These are all adorable ways to use pumpkins, so no matter what you choose, we are sure it will make the cutest pictures.

Background Gourds

For a different theme or look at your pictures, try adding gourds. Gourds are similar to pumpkins, just different shapes, and sizes, so use them just the same! Mix and match pumpkins and gourds for added texture and dimension to your photos. 

Leaves Themes

Foliage is perfect for fall baby photoshoot ideas during any season. There are many options with leaves, including throwing them into the wind to scattering them on the ground for the ideal layout. If you’re unsure where to begin, place your baby in a bed of leaves for a cute arrangement to start. 

Wagon Props

Lastly, try adding a red wagon for cute arrangements in your photos. Red radio wagons are a staple for children, universal to any season if you want to achieve a timeless look. Lay him down or sit him up with decorations for additional adorable memories for years to come. 

fall baby photoshoot ideas

Newborn Baby Outfits for Photoshoots

After location and props, the next step is choosing what to dress your little one in for the photoshoot. A few options to choose from would be on theme with your fall baby photoshoot ideas. Here are a few seasonal fall outfits to dress your baby for fall photoshoots.

Baby Birthday Suits

Your baby is still so young, so having them in their birthday suit would be a cute newborn tradition to follow. If this idea does not suit you, try leaving a diaper on and working around it. Some attractive options for this would include:

This option is ideal for achieving a simple and natural baby photoshoot theme.

Halloween Costumes

One way to memorialize your baby’s first Halloween is by having their fall photos in their costume. Some ideas for Halloween costumes could be:

  • Bee
  • Cow
  • Scarecrow

We recommend making the background match the theme with the costume for consistency.

Autumn Attire

Lastly, autumn seasonal clothing is essential to fall photoshoots. Some fall clothing options include flannel, jeans, and boots to keep your baby warm. Turn these photoshoots into a family group effort. Add mom and dad into the pictures with matching fall weather gear, including your fur babies!

What Time of Day is Best for Newborn Photoshoots?

Lighting can make or break a photoshoot. If the photos are outside, then the time of day is essential. Are you looking for a dewy mist in the background? Take pictures in the morning. Aim for mid or nighttime shoots if you want a mysterious, spooky theme.

Who Should Take Baby Photoshoot Pictures?

There are a few different options for who should take the fall baby photoshoot photos. Whether you’re hiring a professional, asking a family member, or DIY, here are benefits to each:

  • Professional Baby Photographers – High-quality photos with experience in capturing memories on dynamic sets.
  • Family Photographers– Affordable option allowing families to be involved in the process.
  • DIY Photoshoot – An intimate bonding time with complete control of the shoot.

No matter your choice, the photoshoot will surely be a lasting memory.

Baby Outfits for Fall Photoshoots

As the leaves change color and the weather chills, now is the perfect time to schedule a fall-themed photo shoot for your little one. Many adorable options are available if you’re unsure how to dress your tot. For a casual look, pair jeans with a plaid shirt or sweater, and add a cute pair of boots and a beanie for a whimsical touch. Consider a velvet dress or jacket with a bowtie for a more formal look to complete the outfit. Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your child’s personality and captures the essence of fall.

Do you need a fall outfit for your baby’s photoshoot? Check out our Halloween or Thanksgiving catalogs for the cutest micro fashion, or add to your baby’s closet with matching accessories today.

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