How to Choose a Baby Boy Christening Outfit

A christening ceremony marks one of your baby’s first significant milestones. It’s a chance to welcome your child into your faith. It’s also a chance for close friends and family to gather and celebrate your new baby. Traditionally, a christening outfit for boys or girls has been a white gown. But, that isn’t always the case anymore. In this post, we’ll explain how to choose your baby boy christening outfit and provide some suggestions of christening outfits your child will look great in. 

How to Pick Out a Baby Boy Christening Outfit

To help you pick out the best christening outfit for your baby boy, we’ve got a few things you should consider. 

Choose: Modern or Traditional

Are you looking for a traditional or more modern christening outfit? Since the 18th and 19th centuries, it has been customary for babies to be christened in a white gown. However, more and more, parents are opting for a more modern look for their little guy’s baptism. No longer is the traditional lacy heirloom christening gown expected. Baby suits, romper sets, and tuxedo onesies are popular choices. 

Choose: Short or Long Sleeves

What will the weather be like? Will your little guy be more comfortable in long sleeves and pants or should you consider short sleeves and shorts for a baby boy christening summer outfit? This question will narrow down your options. 

Choose: Formal or Relaxed

What aesthetic are you looking for? There are lots of different outfit styles from which you can choose, but the main two categories for boys christening outfits break down into formal and less formal. What look appeals most to you? It’s always cute to see a baby in adult styles like a suit or bow tie. But, other people prefer a more typical baby look, like an overall outfit. 

3 Tips and Reminders for Your Baby Boy’s Christening Outfit

Accessories Make the Outfit

Baby christening accessories are a great idea if you want to make a complete outfit that will photograph well. Consider shoes, a hat, or a baby bonnet to keep the sun out of your little one’s eyes to complete your baby boy christening outfit. 

Plan Ahead for Christening Pics

Gathering with friends and family to celebrate a christening is a great way to celebrate the day and capture pictures that will last a lifetime. Photos during the ceremony are not always permitted. Any photography needs to be okayed with church leaders beforehand. 

It’s very common to gather afterward for a christening party. A christening reception, luncheon, or party is a great opportunity to have close friends and family meet your family’s new addition. A christening reception is a great chance to bond with new godparents and make the day even more memorable. It’s also a great chance to take some photos. You can capture these first interactions all in one place. 

Bring a Backup Christening Outfit

As a parent, you know that babies (and their bodies) can be unpredictable. Make sure that you have an extra set of appropriate baby christening clothes with you in case of blowouts. 

Baby Boy Christening Outfit Suggestions

If you don’t know where to buy baby boy christening outfits, Bebe Couture can help. We make baby ceremony outfits in a variety of popular styles and colors. Can’t find a color? For just a small customization fee, we would love to help make a custom christening outfit for your baby boy. Contact us for more info.

Check out more christening outfits in our Bebe Couture Christening Collection.

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