LDS Baby Blessing Ideas for a Meaningful Day

A baby blessing is a time to celebrate and remember fondly for years to come. But how do you make your baby’s blessing day even more meaningful to you and your family? Here are five LDS baby blessing ideas you can use to make your baby’s blessing day not only memorable but meaningful.

LDS Baby Blessing Ideas

When you are preparing for an LDS baby blessing, there are lots of things to do. From scheduling with your ward leaders to invitations, blessing outfits to wear, and more. To focus your planning efforts, here are a few baby blessing ideas to help make the day both meaningful and memorable.

1. Invite Friends and Family to Share the Joy

Sharing meaningful milestones with friends and family can create bonds that last a lifetime. Consider inviting close friends and family to attend your baby’s blessing. Whether you do it via blessing announcements, email, or phone, make sure that your loved one knows how important this is to you and what it would mean for them to share in celebrating this happy day.

Special tip: Just remember that it’s best to invite people about four weeks before the event. Allow additional time for out-of-state visitors to make travel plans.

2. Hold a Blessing Reception or Luncheon

What better way to spend your Sunday than with your close friends and family? Planning a blessing reception or luncheon following your ward’s sacrament meeting or later in the day is a great way to make sure to spend more in-depth time with your guests. It also gives everyone a chance to hold the baby and time for you to thank everyone for their support.

3. Plan for Baby Blessing Photos

It’s a good idea to plan for some family photos directly after sacrament meeting. Consider meeting in the foyer or church lawn for quick family photos, as it’s not customary to take pictures in the chapel or during church meetings. 

Special tip: Don’t fret too much about perfect photos on the blessing day. You can take pictures of your baby in their blessing outfit later in the day or on another date. You don’t have to do everything all at once. When using a professional photographer, families often schedule baby blessing photos in the weeks before or after the actual blessing date but not on the actual day.

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4. Gather Reflections on Your Child’s Blessing Day

Consider writing down the details of the day — who came, who participated, and the feelings you had, so that you can one day share them with your child when they are older. You might even want to solicit letters or notes from your close friends or family with thoughts, hopes, and advice for your child to read as they get older and have questions about their baby blessing.

5. Dress Your Baby in a Unique LDS Blessing Outfit

Dressing your child in a unique, modern LDS baby blessing outfit is a great way to commemorate his first significant milestone. As a Utah-based company, we understand how difficult it can be to find LDS baby blessing clothes — especially LDS blessing outfits for boys. At Bebe Couture, we specialize in baby blessing outfits for boys. Compare some of our most popular baby blessing outfits below.

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