Outdoor Baptism Decoration Ideas: How to Make Your Event Look Amazing 

When planning an outdoor baptism, it is important to choose decorations that will make the event look amazing. There are many different types of decorations that can be used for an outdoor baptism, from streamers and balloons to flowers and plants. In this article, we will discuss some of the best outdoor baptism decoration ideas and provide examples of how they can be used. We hope that this article will help you plan a beautiful and memorable outdoor baptism event! 

Best Party Decorations and Ideas 

Planning a party can be a lot of fun, when you have ideas to help along the way, that’s why we created this guide on the best decorations and ways to use them for your next celebration like a pro. Below is a complete list of the best decorations to use at your next outdoor baptism celebration.  

Flower Arches  


Whether real or fake, a flower arch is sure to bring lots of attention to your baptism party. Once there is plenty of greenery on the arch, all that is missing is your favorite flowers or colors added to make this day special.  

Flower arches make a gorgeous entrance or exit over a pathway so choose a walkway with high traffic and consider putting your arch there. Some gorgeous color schemes for these would be pink and white floral arrangements or more neutral colors to pair well with the greenery. If you want to make the party even more special, have multiple flower arches around the event as photo backgrounds for a picture perfect evening. 

Balloon Garlands  


Balloon garlands can be made at home or bought from the store depending on your preference. There are so many color options as well as characters and themes to choose from so remember your party theme and pick your favorite! 

When making balloon garland, there are a few different ways it can be styled. These can include mixing colors, shapes, and placement. You will also have to decide how long the piece of garland should be/ how much area is trying to be covered. Some good balloon garland color schemes would be: 

  • Sage, Gold, White 
  • Blush, Sage, White 
  • Rust, Blush, Gold 

Some good places for this balloon garland would be along a fence to make the location feel larger, or above an entryway for a festive entrance for guests. 

Photo Backdrop  


A photo backdrop is the perfect place to add your DIY touch to the decor! Try using: 

  • Wooden pallets 
  • Foliage 
  • Flowing text 

A gorgeous backdrop like this one can be created easily using some materials around the house for beautiful pictures to always remember this day by. For example, if your theme is pink, green and white, you can line pallets up and put the pink, green and white balloon garland along with greenery in front of it for the perfect easy photo booth at your next party.  

Depending on the style of your party, you could also add a bench in front of the backdrop for a different mood in the pictures. With this idea, try adding comforting items such as pillows and blankets to have cozier pictures.  

Banners & Signs  


Add some cute flowing text on a banner or sign to direct your guests to different hot spots at your celebration. Try placing one sign at the entrance to guide guests to the: 

  • Photo booth 
  • Dessert table 
  • Gift table 

And include adorable drawings and pictures to dress it up even further. These signs or banners can either be handmade or bought online at shops like Etsy for custom baptism party supplies. If you are serving food at the party, try adding mini signs in front of the different items to let guests know what everything is.  

Glowing Balloons  

These playful balloons will add the wow factor to your party in no time! With glowing lights inside of the balloons, it makes them perfect for the day to night transition if the party gets held over. Balloon lit fun is sure to get everyone’s attention, and for added fun, try writing a note and putting it in the balloons. 

Decorated Chairs  

Decorated chairs have become a new décor fad.  It allows you to get creative with your overall theme and decorate each chair with an elegant or fun touch. Some chair decorations include: 

  • Foliage 
  • Balloons 
  • Streamers  

From flowering foliage strung along the back of the chair to balloons and streamers adorning every part of the chair, it’s sure to be a standout party detail! And to be more unique, try making every chair different. Whether you are using different colors, materials, or design, mix and match for cute and fun table set up.  

Garlands & Wreaths  

With garland wrapped around and a wreath hung, your guests are sure to know where the party is at. This can dress up your celebration easily with foliage or tulle to make this baptism party even more special.  

Candles & Lanterns  

Use LED candles as decor to light up your space in a safe way without having to worry about flames catching on anything. These candles have much softer lighting and ambiance in comparison to other lighting alternatives. They can range in size from tealight candles to tall and wide LED candles to decorate the table with. 

There are also lanterns that can be used to add more depth to the celebration with differing heights. Lanterns are slightly different than candles because a lantern is typically a light bulb inside the lantern which will be much brighter than a candle. There are also lanterns that do not have lights in them that can be used as additional decoration with other lanterns or LED candles. 

Lastly there are the hanging lanterns or lights which can make a huge difference if the party is outdoors at night. These can be hung from the trees, posts, or stringing them up. Try hanging the lights to where the entire party gets lit and there are no dead spots. Whatever you decide will make the special occasion shine! 

Table Decorations  

There are so many table decorations to choose from, but don’t get lost in the options! Decide a good theme and color scheme before picking these since there are so many to choose between.  

  • Tablecloth: There are many color options that can be chosen, but if you’re going for simplicity, put down a white tablecloth, then think about foliage or another thinner tablecloth to add dimension to the table. 
  • Centerpieces: Some good centerpiece options include candles, lanterns, or a bowl of fruit to lighten the table and don’t forget about extra flowers or other greenery to keep the event fresh.   

This party is sure to be a hit no matter the table decorations chosen so make sure to pick your favorite and have fun decorating! 

Fence Decorations  

Using fence decorations can complete the look of your outdoor space if you do not know what to hang up at the back of your yard. This can include: 

  • Banners: Use these to put any wording up including a Congratulations sign 
  • Flowers: Finish off with fresh flowers so you can fill in any empty space with flowers 
  • Balloons: These can be used to fill a big area up with a large balloon garland photo prop 
  • Fun print: Such as zebra or giraffe to mix up the solid prints and add some fun texture 

Take it a step further and add a dessert table! Place it along the fence, decorate it and let it give a little breath of fresh air to a normally boring part of the backyard.  

Hanging Decorations  

These decorations can hang under a patio/gazebo in an outdoor space or through any string lights that are strung. Use them in entryways or pathways for an elegant divide between your set up. Try hanging up: 

  • Streamers 
  • Paper Lanterns 
  • Balloons  

Mix and match with these to give your party a magical look. When you use multiple items, it adds layering to the hanging decorations and creates depth for the perfect celebration décor. If you are struggling to hang things, try using paper clips to hook your arrangements up. 

Plant & Greenery Arrangements 

Don’t forget about the greenery! A little green can go a long way, so: 

  • Wrap some chairs with gorgeous flowers for a pop of color 
  • Put a eucalyptus vine across the table to have a more festive look 
  • If you do not have those, try using potted plants or succulents scattered on the tables for decoration instead 

Don’t forget to let your guests know to dress their best and bring a camera for all the beautiful photo opportunities at the celebration. Your party is sure to be full of life with the plants and greenery around so your guests will want pictures around all of it.  

Pair Your Outdoor Party with a Bebe Couture Baptism Outfit 

We hope that this article has provided you with some great outdoor baptism decoration ideas! No matter what baptism party theme, these party decoration ideas are sure to give your outdoor baptism party the wow factor.  

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