Baby Boy Wedding Outfit & Suit Collection

With our dapper collection of infant-friendly formal wear for baby boys, your little one can be stylish and comfortable in his baby wedding outfit, during the ceremony, and for the rest of the big day! We have baby suits in a variety of sizes and colors. Find show-stopping baby boy outfits for weddings and special occasions in white, black, navy blue, tan, grey, green, red, yellow, and much more for your upcoming formal event. Shop for toddler and newborn baby boy wedding outfits with suspender pants and coordinating tuxedo shirt style onesie from Bebe Couture below.

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Infant Suits for Weddings: Newborn to 24 Months

For new parents with a wedding on the horizon, there’s an obstacle you haven’t encountered before — how to dress your baby boy for a wedding. Whether you’re prepping for your own wedding or attending as a guest you want something memorable that will stand out in photos. Bebe Couture has the perfect formal clothes for baby boys. We have a variety of toddler suits for weddings. With our stylish and unique baby outfits, your child is sure to shine. But, before you start shopping for your baby’s suit or wedding clothes, there are a few things to think about. These tips should help you get started looking for the best baby boy wedding outfit for your upcoming event.

What season will the wedding be in? Is it an indoor or outdoor wedding? The season and venue can also help you narrow down what will be a comfortable and appropriate outfit — long sleeves and heavier fabrics for winter and short sleeves, maybe even a cute formal onesie outfit for warmer weather. If it is an outdoor wedding, a baby bonnet hat can help to shield the baby’s eyes and make him more comfortable. Whether you need a winter or summer baby boy wedding outfit, we’ve got you covered — our little boy wedding suits include short sleeve or long sleeve shirt onesie options.

Will the wedding be a traditional event or more non-traditional? Knowing the dress code for the event (normally provided on invitations) can help you decide whether you are looking for a baby suit and tie, or just a coordinating outfit. If you plan on bringing your baby to a more formal event, why not dress him up to the nines? If you are ever in doubt, go with traditional instead of anything that will pull focus.

Is your child in the wedding? Whether he’s the ring bearer at the wedding ceremony or just your tiny wedding date, your baby will dazzle in Bebe Couture. Each of our 2-piece tuxedo style baby boy outfits for weddings includes handmade cotton fabric suspender pants with front pockets over a baby tuxedo onesie or bodysuit, finished with a bow tie and cummerbund. Our infant suit pants include two adjustable suspender length options for a perfect fit.

To match or not to match? If you are involved with the wedding, it could be fun if your baby’s wedding outfit matches the wedding colors. Look for color-coordinating baby wedding outfits that will look good with the wedding party and decor. At Bebe Couture, our baby boy suits for weddings come in various fun colors and styles, from rompers to bodysuits and suspender outfits. Check out our Wedding Collection for color-coordinating wedding clothes for baby boys.

How comfortable will your child be? When bringing a baby to an all-day event, comfort is vital — both your baby’s comfort and yours. Choose a comfortable baby wedding look with soft fabrics that the baby is used to. Finding a dressy baby outfit that is easy for you to put on or take off for diaper changes is also important. When the dress code for your special event is formal, and you want a variety of colors to choose from, shop comfortable, cotton baby boy wedding looks in the Bebe Couture Wedding Collection.

2 Piece Infant Suits for Wedding

Whether you have a newborn baby boy or toddler, when you plan the big day, you want the whole family to have a perfect wedding outfit to wear — for the memories AND all the adorable pictures! Bebe Couture’s distinctive formal occasion clothes are the baby wedding suits you have been looking for.

Wouldn’t your little one look perfect in a black, navy blue, or white baby wedding suit designed with babies’ comfort in mind?

Baby Suits for Wedding

With plenty of infant suits for wedding colors and sizes, we can’t wait to see your little man dress up in a baby wedding suit and tie with the bride and groom. Our comfortable cotton baby tuxedos for weddings come in sizes 0 to 24 months. Makes a great baby ring bearer outfit for infants and toddlers.

Get a Custom Baby Boy Wedding Outfit

Can’t find a wedding look that matches your wedding colors or theme? Send us a message! For a small customization fee, we would love to give you EXACTLY what you need for your special day. 

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