Tuxedos for Baby Boy: A Guide for Parents

We love seeing little babies in big boy tuxes. It’s too cute.

Shopping for a baby tuxedo is not something that many people have practice with. So, parents searching for the perfect baby tux for their little guy can be a bit bewildered.  

When you are searching for a baby tuxedo for a wedding, it can be hard to know exactly what you are searching for. After all, these are adult styles that have been adapted into baby fashion. In this article, we will explain the different styles of tuxedos made for baby boys and offer tips on selecting and styling your son’s first tux.  

Styles of Tuxedos for Baby Boy 

There are several traditional baby clothing styles that have been adapted for a baby tuxedo outfit. To help understand your choices, here are a few different styles of baby tuxedos:  

Tuxedo Onesie

Onesies are a baby clothes staple, even when it comes to tuxedos. This super simple baby classic with a twist provides baby with a fun dress-up look in the style and fabric he’s used to.  

Baby Tuxedo Romper 

A romper is a great option for your little one’s tuxedo look. This one-piece outfit is very similar to a onesie. It’s basically a shirt and shorts combo. Rompers are frequently shorts, but can also be full-length pants.  

Tuxedo Bodysuit 

A tuxedo bodysuit baby style is a little different. A bodysuit is similar to a onesie but may have longer sleeves. A bodysuit is generally meant to be worn with bottoms. These are often paired with matching coordinating pants.

Baby Tuxedo Trends 

There are a few very specific times when people are looking for a tuxedo for a baby boy. Here are a few of the tiny tux trends: 

Newborn Tuxedos 

The smaller the human, the cuter the tux. Tuxedos for newborns are becoming more and more popular. These are fun for at-home photoshoots, holidays, and family events.  

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White Baby Tuxedo 

A white baby tuxedo is a fun idea for parents looking for a baby blessing or christening outfit. White has historically been a sign of purity and a mainstay of religious ceremonies. While many religions do not require that babies dress all in white, it’s still a popular trend due to tradition. 

Baby Tuxedos for Weddings 

More and more, families are going all-out when dressing the baby in their wedding party. A fun baby wedding tux is just the ticket — and they really stand out in family photos. Babies’ wedding outfits can be found in many different colors and are often coordinated with the wedding party’s colors.  

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Bebe Couture Tuxedos for Baby Boy 

Anytime a baby tux is involved, it’s a fun, photo-worthy moment — no matter the style you choose. If you can’t find the color you are looking for, Bebe Couture can make you a custom baby tux, for a small customization feeContact us today! 

Check out some of our most popular tuxedos for baby boys:

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