The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Mommy Shower

Planning a mommy shower should be fun and easy for the mommy to be. That’s why we created this guide to walk you through the steps needed to have the best shower for the new mom. This event should be easy-going and relaxing for all involved, so keep it fun and low stress. Use our guide below to mix and match the perfect shower experience for all guests.

Mommy Shower Party Themes

Planning a mommy shower can be both fun and challenging. On the one hand, you want to create a unique event that celebrates the mom-to-be, but on the other hand, you don’t want to go overboard with decorations and activities. One way to strike the perfect balance is to choose a consistent theme for the shower. 

 There are many classic mommy shower themes, such as “baby’s first wardrobe” or “mommy to bee.” Alternatively, you could opt for a unique celebration theme such as “Cutie on the way” or “We can bearly wait.” Whatever theme you choose, make sure it reflects the style and personality of the mom-to-be. With some planning and creativity, you can throw a mommy shower that she’ll never forget. 

Mommy to Bee

Does the mom-to-be love honeybees? This adorable theme is all about bees and honey for a sweet surprise to shower the mommy to bee! There should be plenty of bees and honey dripping around the location to feel like you are inside the beehive. Think about adding yellow or honeycombs to fill in any blank space and complete the look.

  • Decorations: Yellow and black streamers, balloons, bee confetti
  • Food: Cupcakes decorated as a beehive, honey sticks, Ferrero Roche chocolates as bees
  • Party Favors: Honey jar, honey dipper, honeybee soap bar

Cutie on the Way

This sweet theme is not complete without lots of oranges. Shower the new mom with plenty of precious memories from the past and new ideas she can look forward to with her little one on the way. If you’re up to it, you could even decorate the new mom’s chair with delicious fruit for a one-of-a-kind look.

  • Decorations: Oranges in a vase, orange balloons, green vines
  • Food: Cake pops, oranges, vegetable platters
  • Party Favors: Succulents, bath bombs, personalized hand sanitizers

We Can Bearly Wait!

If the mom-to-be is a nature lover, this outdoor teddy bear-themed event will get her attention in no time. There are many different decorations available, so pick the colors you want to go with the theme and stick to them. Choose foods bears enjoy eating, such as fruits and berries, cheese, crackers, and more. With these decorations, there will surely be no growls at this bear-themed party.  

  • Decorations: Paper fans, Stuffed teddy bears, Paper lanterns
  • Food: Fruit salad, Charcuterie board, Chocolate fountain
  • Party Favors: Honey in a bear bottle, Honeycomb soap, Decorated cookies


How to Decorate a Mommy Shower

Fun Flower Arches

Depending on your budget, you can choose natural or fake flowers to make your event look dressed up. Either buy a premade arch, or you can make your own with this simple guide. These can also be adorned with cute figurines, streamers, or lights to add extra pizazz. Try having the flower arch at the front of the celebration so everyone can see it and take pictures around it. Some flowers that would look gorgeous on the decoration would be:

  • Roses – can be in multiple colors for a more dynamic look
  • Daffodils – adds dimension with a variety of petals
  • Ferns – gives volume to the arch and adds lots of greenery

So, play around with your flower arch to find out what works best for you and your needs. Don’t be scared to try different arch decorations because this is your special day.

Beautiful Balloon Garland

With a giant balloon garland strung up, guests are able to find your party easily. Try mixing and matching colors, prints, and characters to find the perfect setup for you. Some places to hang your balloon garland could be: 

  • Down the block to lead people to your party
  • Entryway to let guests know where to go
  • Photo booth for a great backdrop

Playful Plants/ Greenery

Lastly, there should be plants and greenery added to your celebration. Plants can add to any theme or color choice, so supply plenty of vines to fill in unused spaces to make the party rock. Try placing your greenery in the following places:

  • Table centerpiece – Add some candles, petals, or wood chargers to spice up the table decorations for a festive evening. 
  • Chair wraps – This part can incorporate tulle or streamers to add a pop of color to the seating.  
  • Walkways – Guide guests into different areas of the party. Try adding signs to direct your friends and family where you want them to go.  

Do not forget to add your greenery to the celebration because it will tie the event together and make for a complete look. Need more ideas on how to place your foliage? Read more here.

How to Decide on the Baby Shower Guest List

The guest list is debatably the most challenging part of planning a mommy shower. There are many ways to go through the guest list, but we will start with whom you should invite and then review the names to leave off the list.  

Keep your budget in mind when deciding how many people to invite. Don’t forget each guest would need food, drinks, and party favor, so the more people added, the more expensive the party will get. 

Who to Invite to a Mommy Shower

When deciding who to invite to the mommy shower, first write down the guests you want to bring. This list could include:  

  • Family 
  • Friends 
  • Co-workers 

Once you have everyone written down, figure out how many guests you can reasonably invite and narrow down your list by who is most important to you or you see/ talk to the most.

Who Not to Invite

Now let’s think about everyone who should not get an invitation. It could be a long or shortlist. This part depends on budget, close circles, and preferences for the big day. Some people would prefer to have an intimate gathering over a large celebration.

So, take some time and decide what and who is truly important to you on this day and plan accordingly. Whatever you decide is sure to be spectacular and make your celebration one to remember for a long time.  

All About Invitations

Invitations are a statement piece that tells your guest what to expect on this big day. Provide as many details as possible so your friends and family can plan accordingly. We recommend including the date, attire, and RSVP number for best practices. 

Some options for sending invitations are: 

  • USPS mail
  • Handed directly to guests 
  • Digitally sent (text or email) 

So, choose your preference for the method of delivery and get to designing

What to Include

An invitation is a portal your guests go through to learn about your celebration before the party, so make sure to include all pertinent information to avoid mishaps. Some things to include in an invitation are: 

  • Date and Time – This is key, so guests know when to arrive and celebrate with you 
  • Theme – Guests can find gifts that match the party theme, and make sure you enjoy the present. 
  • RSVP number – Once the guests know the date, they can see if they are available that day. Once they know, they need to be able to tell the host if they will make it or not. An RSVP number is vital so the guests can stay in contact with the host. 

When to Send Invites

It is critical to send out invitations with plenty of time to spare so that more people can attend and plan accordingly. A good time to send out party invitations would be 4-6 weeks in advance so that everyone knows the plans and can adjust whatever is necessary. 

Fun Mommy Shower Games to Play

For an expecting mother, there’s nothing quite like a mommy shower. Not only is it a chance to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their little one, but it’s also a time to bond with other moms-to-be. And what better way to do that than with mommy shower party games?

If you’re planning a mommy shower, there are plenty of games to choose from that will have everyone laughing and enjoying themselves.  These include guessing how big mom’s belly is, a diaper encouragement station, and a onesie-making station.  

Whatever games you choose, make sure they’re something that everyone can enjoy. After all, a mommy shower is about motherhood celebration and bonding with other expectant mothers. With some fun games, it’ll be an event that everyone will remember fondly. 

Guess How Big Mom’s Belly is

This fun activity includes allowing everyone to cut off a piece of ribbon to see how big they think the mom to bee’s belly is. The person closest to the actual size wins a prize.

Diaper Encouragement Station

All you need is a box of diapers and some markers to write with for this activity. Set the diapers out and allow your guests to write encouraging notes on them. After the event, set them aside and use them when you have to get up and change your baby in the middle of the night, so you know your loved ones are behind you and encouraging you along the way. 

Onesie Making Station

The last activity includes decorating onesies for the new addition to wear when the baby arrives. To do this, buy a bunch of white onesies, fabric markers, paints, or anything else, and let your guests go wild. 

What to Wear to the Baby Shower

Finally, deciding what attire to choose for your mommy shower is a big decision as it can alter the vision of your baby shower. Decide which of these options works best with your theme and time of year to get the perfect mix for you!


Formal wear is the most dressed-up version. This dress code can include suits, ties, and dresses or be slightly more laid-back with slacks and a button-down as options. Some themes that could use formal wear would be 

  • Church celebration 
  • Teatime 
  • Garden party


Informal wear is the middle ground between formal and casual. This dress code can include attire such as jeans with nice shoes and a short-sleeved button-down or a romper for girls. These are good for midday celebrations where it is too hot outside to wear formal clothes but still feel dressy. 


Now casual is the least dressed-up option, and it has specific events that call for this attire. These will be less common for mommy showers but still possible if planned correctly. Some options that would use this would be: 

  • Picnic party 
  • Beach time celebration 
  • Backyard BBQ 

No matter what attire you end up choosing, you and your guests are sure to have a blast and make memories that you will cherish forever. 

Baby Shower Gifts for Mommy to be

As you can see, there are many options for your mommy shower so decide what works best for your ultimate baby shower. We hope you enjoyed the many choices to choose from and can find the perfect mix for you. Whatever you decide, the gifts will be a beautiful way to shower the new parent. 

Need some baby shower gift ideas? An adorable suit for your baby would make the perfect shower gift! You can check out these sweet outfits to dress your baby up for events like the first birthday to their christening. 

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