What is a Baby Christening?

A baby’s christening is an important occasion, to be shared with friends and family. But, what actually is a christening ceremony, and what makes it significant? In this article, we will explain what a baby christening is, its relationship to baptism, and the meaning of this special Christian event.

What is a baby christening?

A christening is a Christian religious ceremony and usually involves baptism. Christening is practiced in many branches of Christianity, but not all. While people of all ages can be christened or baptized, christening generally refers to the baptism of infants and small children. As a significant religious rite of passage, a child’s christening often comes along with special christening outfits and family celebrations.

Each religion has different christening and baptismal practices that actually take place during the christening and baptism ceremony. But more often than not, a baby christening ceremony usually includes parents and godparents, prayers, and readings.

Baptism vs Christening

What is the difference between baptism and christening? The words christening and baptism are often used interchangeably. Are they synonymous?

Most people use the term christening to refer to the baptism ceremony, in general. In fact, christening is just one part of the baptism ceremony. At the beginning of a baptism, parents are asked to name their child. In the past, for many countries where the church was the primary record keeper, this was often the first time a new baby’s first name, or Christian name, was officially recorded.

Note: Depending on the denomination, baptism and christening range from being considered one and the same, to being separate events. Not all baptisms include a christening, and vice versa.

Baby Christening Meaning

A baby’s christening is very significant to the family, but what exactly does the event mean?

On the whole, a child’s christening is an initiation or welcoming into the church. It is the naming or dedication of your child. Parents dedicate their child to God, declaring that they will take the responsibility of raising them in the faith, to keep God’s commandments.

Baptism, itself a sacrament, commonly represents cleansing, rebirth, and purification from sin. During the baptism ceremony, the signs and symbols vary by denomination, but the following are some examples of elements that are often included:

  • Baptismal water
  • Oil for annointing
  • A light or candle
  • A white garment


In many cases, a child’s christening also includes the appointment of godparents. Often chosen from close friends or relatives, godparents participate in the ceremony. They pledge to assist parents in caring for the child and bringing them up in the faith.

Christening Celebrations

When planning a baptism, many parents choose to invite friends and family to their child’s christening. Afterward, it is common to invite guests and congregation members to celebrate at a baptism reception, luncheon, or party after the baptism is over. Holding a christening celebration gives a chance to spend more time together making memories of this special day.

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