5 Easter Activities for Kids (Babies & Toddlers)

Are you looking for fun and educational Easter activities for kids of multiple age groups? Finding age-appropriate Easter plans to share can be challenging if you have babies and toddlers at home. From baby-safe holiday baskets to sensory bins by age group, here are five Easter activities for babies and toddlers to try this year! 

5 Easter Activities for Kids to Try This Year 

Finding the right Easter activities for kids can be challenging for families with multiple age groups. Some crafts perfect for toddlers can be too challenging or unsafe for certain babies. Below we’ll break down five Easter activities for babies and toddlers so you can celebrate the holiday easily and safely.  

1. Easter Day Baskets for Babies and Toddlers 

It’s not Easter unless there are Easter Day baskets! This timeliness arts and craft tradition is perfect for babies and toddlers because it’s easily customizable and age-appropriate.  

Here’s how to make an Easter basket

  1. Pick a basket. 
  1. Fill with age-appropriate treats and toys. 
  1. Personalize it with their name and a note. 
  1. Decorate the basket with holiday-themed decorations. 
  1. Have fun with it!  


For baby-safe Easter baskets, use age-appropriate basket fillers like teething toys, egg shakers, and a bunny plushie. Baskets are also great Easter activities for toddlers because you can put their favorite snacks, toys, and preschool supplies inside.  

2. Food-Safe Easter Egg Painting

Painting eggs and Easter go together like peanut butter and jelly. This classic craft suits babies and toddlers since there are both natural and food-safe coloring options available.  

For egg-painting Easter crafts for babies, try using dyed cool whip Easter eggs where they can easily dunk the eggs into multiple cup colors and edible. This activity can also be used for toddlers, and the cool whip dye results on the eggs are a cool marble effect. 

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3. Easter Sensory Bins for Babies & Toddlers 

One of the best Easter activities for kids is an Easter sensory bin. During early childhood, sensory play for kids is crucial to their development, growth, and health — and Easter sensory bins are the perfect way to encourage healthy exploration this holiday!  

Some Easter sensory bin ideas for babies can include: 

  • Water sensory play — fill a bin full of water with baby-friendly waterproof toys, such as bunnies and Easter eggs 
  • Cereal sensory play— grind up cereal, oats, or use rice as the base, and add a bucket and scooper to find the hidden Easter eggs  

Some Easter sensory bin ideas for toddlers can include: 

  • Easter egg boats — fill a bin with water, and add boat sails onto plastic Easter eggs to make them float 
  • Jellybean sensory bin — provide a scooper and multiple cups to sort all the jellybeans by color 

An Easter sensory bin is a great way to strengthen fine motor skills and sensory development for babies and toddlers.


4. Easy Easter Cookie Cutter Baking

Next on our list of Easter activities for kids is easy Easter cookies. Baking is a perfect activity for babies and toddlers because you can customize the recipe to make it easier. By using Easter holiday cookie cutters such as bunny ears and Easter eggs with simple ingredients, baking can be kid-friendly for multiple age groups. 

For some Easter ideas for toddlers, try traditional sugar cookies as they require the least ingredients and offer the most wiggle room in the recipe. They can also be decorated easiest because they have a flatter surface compared to chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies. Have fun and be creative with the decorations because your toddler will enjoy this part the most! From patterned Easter egg designs to baby bunnies and baskets, let their imagination go wild with many food-safe paint colors.  

For babies, use plastic instead of metal cookie cutters with the cookie dough prepped beforehand if it’s easier for them. Let them finger paint the cookie cutters in food-safe or natural food colorings like beets and berries for easy Easter baby crafts.  


5. Home Easter Baby Photoshoot

Last on our list of Easter activities for kids is a DIY Easter baby photoshoot! It’s a timeless and easy way to capture memorable moments forever with your family. Best of all, photoshoots are perfect Easter crafts for infants and toddlers.  

Here are some Easter photoshoot ideas for babies and toddlers to try: 

  • Baby in a basket  
  • Easter egg hunt 
  • Baby bunny   
  • Easter Sunday 

If you need help finding baby photoshoot ideas, start by following baby photoshoot Pinterest boards, baby photography blogs, and social media channels of baby photographers to gather inspiration for your perfect Easter photoshoot theme. Make a list of props, backdrops, locations, and decoration ideas that you like best to capture your ideal shot.  

Also, since this is a DIY photoshoot, ensure you know how to take good baby pictures at home to get the best shots of this special moment. Find soft lighting and plan the photo shoot time around the baby or toddler’s napping schedule for the best experience and success — especially if it’s a newborn Easter baby photoshoot.  


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