Types of Venues When Planning a Christening in NYC

Planning a Christening can be exciting, especially in New York City, where many options are available. So, how do you know which vendor to pick and how to plan a Christening ceremony and party? We’ve got you covered! From caterers to venues, here’s a guide to planning a Christening in NYC with local vendor recommendations. 

Types of Baby Christening Venues

When planning a Christening, choosing the right venue based on your needs, such as guest list and baptism party theme, is essential. NYC has many beautiful, historic churches and venues that can accommodate any baby Christening event size and style.  

Below we’ll share the different types of baptism venues and local NYC recommendations so you can pick the best place to make this celebration successful and memorable.  

Local Churches for Baptism Reception 

Local churches are always a traditional venue option for a baptism reception. They provide the religious and spiritual atmosphere guests with faith will enjoy when celebrating this important baby milestone.  

In NYC, many churches offer beautiful settings, a welcoming community, and clergy who can help guide you through the baptism ceremony planning process.  

Remember to consider the size of your guest list when choosing a church, and don’t hesitate to contact the church staff for more information on their baby Christening services.  

NYC Churches for Baptism Reception

One of the most famous churches in NYC for Christening ceremonies is St. Patrick’s Cathedral, located in Midtown Manhattan. This historic church is known for its stunning architecture, rich history, and impressive stained-glass windows, making it a breathtaking location for a baptism reception venue. 

Another popular NYC baptism venue option is the Riverside Church in Morningside Heights. This interdenominational church features a beautiful Gothic-style sanctuary, stunning views of the Hudson River, and a welcoming community dedicated to making your Christening ceremony a memorable and meaningful experience. 

Reception Venues for Planning a Christening

When searching for a reception venue, there are many indoor and outdoor ideas for a Christening party to consider. If you’re planning a summer Christening with an outdoor reception venue, schedule it at the right time so it’s not too hot for the baby and guests — especially in NYC, as it can get very hot and humid from late June to early September. Ask how they prepare for unexpected weather conditions, like cooling fans or rain canopies, if you’re planning an outdoor Christening party at a reception venue.   

If you want a Christening celebration indoors, ensure the venue size is suitable for the number of guests and offers amenities such as onsite parking (especially for NYC), helping with Baptism decorations, and close church distance for easier travel after the ceremony.  

NYC Reception Venues for Baby Christening Parties

A popular Christening reception venue option in NYC is the Rainbow Room. It’s an iconic event space at the top of Rockefeller Center with stunning panoramic views of the city, a dance floor, and a wide range of menu options. 

Another great NYC baptism venue option is the Foundry. It’s a charming and rustic venue in Long Island City with a unique and intimate atmosphere. It’s perfect for creating a warm and inviting Christening reception for your family and loved ones. 

Lastly, the Prince George Ballroom is a fantastic choice for those seeking a more traditional Christening reception venue in NYC. This elegant ballroom in the Flatiron District features high ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and an ornate decor sure to impress. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more modern, the Glasshouses in Chelsea offers a sleek and contemporary atmosphere perfect for hosting a stylish Christening reception. 

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Restaurant Catering for Baby Christening Parties

Knowing how to feed your guests is a must on the baptism checklist. We suggest going the catering route versus conventional menus with individual dishes, as this can complicate costs. Instead, let guests easily serve themselves, and you can spend less time waiting for it, too — so you can focus on enjoying your Christening celebration! Remember, planning a Christening should be enjoyable too!

NYC Catering Restaurants for Baby Christening Parties

A great restaurant catering option in NYC for Christening parties is Piccola Cucina. It’s a charming Italian restaurant in the heart of Greenwich Village that features traditional Italian cuisine, including delicious pasta dishes, fresh seafood, and delectable desserts.  

For those who want a more luxurious restaurant catering option for their Christening party, Daniel is an exquisite choice. It’s a Michelin-starred French restaurant on the Upper East Side with catering services that include foie gras, truffle dishes, and decadent desserts designed to impress.  

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Florist Shops for Baptism Venue Decorations & Christening Parties

Flowers are essential to any special event, when planning a Christening ceremony. They provide beautiful and natural elements that can be used to create stunning arrangements and centerpieces in baptism reception venues.  

When selecting a florist shop for your baby Christening ceremony, consider your budget, the type of floral arrangements you want to use, and the theme. Contact the florist shop for more information before buying and visit in person to discuss your design options.  

NYC Florist Shops for Baby Christening Events 

A popular NYC florist shop is Ode à la Rose, which offers a wide variety of floral arrangements for decorating a baptism venue and party. This shop specializes in creating elegant and sophisticated floral arrangements perfect for baby Christening ceremonies. 

Another NYC florist option is Bella’s Flower Shop. They’ve been providing beautiful floral arrangements to NYC residents for over 20 years. This includes a wide variety of flowers and arrangements and customizable options to match the style and atmosphere of your baby Christening celebration.  

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