Baptism Invitations: Guide with Resources

Once you’ve finalized your baptism guest list, it’s time to settle on invitations. Baptism invitations do a lot. Notably, they serve as an announcement, help you get a headcount, and help to set expectations so that everyone will feel comfortable. To help you get started, in this article, we will answer a few helpful baptism invitation FAQs. 

What should baptism invitations include?

A good christening or baptism announcement should include lots of information. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the most important pieces of information that a baptism invitation should include:

  • The child’s name (prominently)
  • The event
  • Date
  • Time and how early to arrive
  • Name and location of the church or baptismal venue
  • Suggested dress
  • Invitation to after baptism party, luncheon, or event
  • Gifts (whether they are expected, and any registries)
  • RSVP info
  • Optional: a bible verse or poem
  • Optional: a photo of the child

Baptism Invitation Wording Ideas

If you haven’t done it before, wording an invitation can be daunting. So, if you are looking for wording ideas for baptism invitations, here are a few popular variations:

  • Kindly/please join us in witnessing the baptism of …
  • Share our joy at the baptism of our son/daughter…
  • Please join us for the baptism of our daughter/son…
  • Join us to celebrate the baptism of …
  • Kindly/please join us as we celebrate the baptism of …
  • You’re invited to the baptism of our son/daughter…

And don’t forget:

  • Luncheon/reception/celebration to follow at

When to Send Baptism Invitations

When should I send out baptism announcements? Importantly, its recommend to send out baptism invitations no later than about four weeks before the event. However, if you have family planning to travel from out of town, consider sending your invites or a save-the-date six to eight weeks in advance.

Baptism Announcement & Invitation Resources

If you are wondering how to make your own baptism invitations, the good news is you don’t need to. Above all, the internet is your best resource for finding low-cost and easy-to-send baptism invites. Moreover, it abounds with free baptism invitation templates as well as low-cost solutions and extravagant, unique christening invitation ideas. Below, we’ve gathered details on some of the most popular baptism invitation resources online.

DIY Baptism Invitations Online

If you want to DIY it, you certainly can. Namely, one good resource is Canva. This (mostly) free online design space offers customizable templates for almost anything, including baptism and christening invitation cards. Granted, not everything is free. For instance, some download options and clearly marked premium features require payment. However, you can easily choose a free template, edit it with your text, and download it for printing, totally for free. Additionally, you can order your cards through Canva’s paid print service, or share them online via built-in options.

Not sold? Here are links to other free baptism invitation templates:

Pre-Designed Baptism & Christening Invitations

Templates and DIY invitations are certainly fast. But on the other hand, there is something to be said for ordering invitations online. First and foremost, they are easy. You choose a design, fill in the details, and order. Additionally, some card services will address envelopes for you or even send them to recipients for you. Specifically, here are a few of the most popular online options for designed and printed invitations for your child’s baptism:

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