Christmas Baby Milestone Pictures to Try This Holiday 

Looking for ideas for your Christmas baby milestone pictures? It’s a festive time for family and celebration, so why not take themed pictures for your milestone series to commemorate your little one captured in their first-ever Christmas photos? There are plenty of creative ways you can do this. Try out some ideas we’ve rounded up here. 

Christmas Baby Milestone Photo Planning

This Christmas, why not make your pictures extra special? Spice up your baby’s milestone photos with props and fun poses in a few locations.  

Photoshoot Location

There’s so much excitement about celebrations and setting up winter festivities during the holiday. If you are expecting a baby during this time of year, you may want to capture this special moment with Christmas-themed photographs.  

Where you choose to have these pictures taken can completely transform the look and feel of the final image. Some inspo locations to host your Christmas baby milestone pictures are: 

  • Home 
  • Christmas tree farm 
  • Schoolyard 

Take advantage of the beautiful lights from the Christmas tree farm with a backdrop of rows of trees. Or, capture breathtaking wintery shots while exploring snowy fields and quaint towns made festive with holiday decorations.  Each of these locations presents a unique atmosphere to set the scene where you can create something special. Don’t hesitate to get creative with where you hold your photoshoot! 

Christmas Props

If you want to take the cutest pictures this holiday season, why not add a few festive props?  

Here are some prop ideas to use for your Christmas baby milestone pictures: 

  • Santa hat  
  • Twinkling holiday lights 
  • Bright garlands 

These little festive additions are sure to get your smile right when it comes to cute baby pictures. Have fun, and make sure to capture those magical candid moments. 

Photoshoot Theme Ideas

When getting the perfect shot, you sometimes need a theme. From creative angle headshots of your little one to posed photos surrounded by Christmas presents, there are so many cute ways to capture those monthly milestones this holiday season.  

Baby Wreath

Place your baby in a festive wreath or a basket filled with holly for added cuteness. Adjust the foliage to create an even circle as needed. This simple pose allows for beautiful shots of your baby surrounded by a festive wreath.  

Baby Christmas Holly

Using a basket filled with holly, you can create a unique and fun prop for your baby. Place them in the center of the basket, adjust the holly to provide some interesting shapes, and snap away 

Baby Ornaments

This adorable theme is perfect for capturing the spirit of the season. Let your baby hold a Christmas ornament and capture their reaction. This is a sweet and simple way to snap precious memories this Christmas. 

Baby Christmas Lights

This theme is sure to add some festive cheer to your photos. You can drape Christmas lights around your baby or arrange them in a pattern. It’s a great way to create a colorful, dynamic, and fun photo to cherish forever.   

Baby Milk and Cookies

If you want to create a cute photo of your little one, try Santa’s milk and cookies for a classic theme. Place some baking ingredients in front of your baby and let them go to town. This pose captures the messy yet fun joy of Christmas and will bring a smile to everyone’s face. 

Baby Photoshoot Tips to Keep in Mind

You can take magical pictures of your baby this Christmas season with simple tricks. Whether you’re looking for something cozy and intimate or something more daring and creative, there are plenty of ways to capture the holiday spirit.  

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when taking Christmas baby milestone pictures: 

  • Use natural light when possible 
  • Don’t rush the photoshoot 
  • Get creative and try different poses and props to capture unique shots of your baby 
  • Have fun! Enjoy the creative process and capture candid moments  

With these baby photoshoot ideas, you can capture the best Christmas baby milestone pictures this season.  

Pair the Perfect Outfit for Christmas Baby Milestone Pictures

Now that you have some inspo on Christmas baby milestone pictures, the next step is pairing the perfect outfit.  

Shop baby Christmas outfits to celebrate your baby’s milestones in style today. Have fun and happy holidays! 

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