5 Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids (Babies & Toddlers) 

Valentine’s Day activities for kids can be tricky to find creative and fun ways to celebrate with all age groups. Whether you’re a parent or relative looking for something new, or a teacher who needs inspiration for classroom crafts, these five Valentine’s Day ideas for kids (babies and toddlers) will bring age-appropriate festive cheer.  

From DIY arts and crafts projects that help encourage self-expression and imaginative play to yummy recipes that are kid-friendly – we’ve got you covered. So, gather your supplies, put on your aprons, turn on some music, and celebrate love!  

5 Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids 

Are you looking for age-appropriate Valentine’s Day activities for kids, including babies and toddlers? Whether you’re a parent with multiple children or have many little ones in the family, below are five Valentine’s Day ideas for all ages.  

1. Valentine’s Day Theme Picnic for Kids

Food is the universal love language for adults and children, and picnics are perfect Valentine’s Day activities for kids to celebrate the holiday. It’s ideal for babies and toddlers because you can customize the food to bring based on age group, allergies, and more. If you live in an area where it’s too cold for an outdoor picnic in February, bring the picnic indoors and decorate it with your toddler as a fun bonding time before you eat.  

Toddler Valentine’s Day Picnic Ideas

For toddler valentines, here are some delicious picnic snack ideas: 

  • Heart-Shaped Fruit Skewers — heart cookie cutters with supervision to cut heart shapes out of watermelon and fruit and add onto a skewer 
  • Valentine’s Waffle Bar — heart-shaped waffles with pink/red food toppings such as pink/red sprinkles, M&Ms, strawberry syrup, and more; toddlers love to build and mix/match 

We recommend mixing in new foods you want your toddler to try to encourage exploring new tastes. Children are likelier to try new foods if they look visually appealing, so why not introduce new flavors on Valentine’s Day and have fun with them?

 Baby Valentine’s Day Picnic Ideas

For babies eating solid foods, here are some Valentine’s Day picnic snack ideas:  

  • Chocolate Avocado Pudding — no cooking required, low in added sugars, soft and creamy, easy to eat 
  • Raspberry & Cream Frozen Yogurt Pops — for parents who want a healthier valentine’s snack, easy to make with toddlers, great for teething babies 

Sensory bins are so versatile and diverse that they can also be reused for future holidays.  


2. Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids: Sensory Play

For babies and toddlers, sensory development milestones are crucial to their growth and have different requirements for each age group. For example, babies from 0-12 months should be responding to sounds and voices, while toddlers from 2-4 years already have more mature hearing and should be copying sounds.   

There are many benefits of sensory play, which engage children’s senses to help them learn and grow through play-based methods. Sensory bins are the perfect go-to for sensory play on any holiday or occasion because they provide many colors, textures, visuals, and scents.  

Below is some inspiration for toddler Valentine’s sensory bins and babies to ensure it’s age appropriate. 

Toddler Valentine Crafts: Sensory Bins 

Here are some ideas to put inside a Valentine’s Day sensory bin for toddlers: 

  • pink food color dry rice as the base with a scooper 
  • fabric heart buttons or pom poms in festive colors 
  • heart cookie cutters 

These are also great Valentine’s Day crafts for 18-month-olds as they’re in between early age childhood and toddlers.  


Baby Valentine’s Day Sensory Bins

For babies, water play or edible sensory bins are safer as they don’t include any small objects that can be choke hazards in this age group.  

Here are some ideas to put inside a Valentine’s Day sensory bin for babies: 

  • ground-up cereal as the base  
  • heart-shaped teething toys  
  • cups filled with strawberry yogurt  

If you want to skip the mess, try baby-proof sensory bags that include texture, sparkles, and more with red and pink festive colors. The best part of Valentine’s Day sensory bins is that they are customizable to each children’s age group and preferences. Have fun with these, and try to use their favorite foods and toys!  


3. Baby Cupid Footprint Art

Another idea for Valentine’s Day activities for kids is finger and foot painting. Children love to get messy, and it’s a great bonding experience to create art together.  

Some Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers to do with finger or footprint painting are cards, art, or gifts for their preschool classmates. Make sure to use paint meant for finger painting, so it’s child safe.  

When it comes to Valentine’s Day crafts for infants, use edible paint or yogurt to finger paint or get their footprint instead, so it’s baby safe. Footprint art is perfect for all ages and can be created indoors or outside for easier cleanup.  


4. Valentine’s Day Bath Theme for Kids

A Valentine’s Day bath is perfect for children to unwind after a festive holiday at preschool. It’s ideal for all ages and customizable with what you put into the tub, so it’s always age appropriate.  

Some 2-year-old Valentine gift ideas for bath time are: 

  • child-safe pink or red bath bombs  
  • waterproof heart-shaped toys  

For babies, here are some ideas to put inside a Valentine’s Day theme bath: 

  • waterproof heart-shaped teething toys 
  • holiday theme shakers that light up 

Whether it’s imaginative play or playing music, we encourage you to incorporate all of their favorite activities and toys for this festive-themed bath time.  


5. Valentine’s Day Photoshoot for Kids 

A holiday-themed photoshoot is one of the best Valentine’s Day activities for kids. Both adults and children can capture memories forever with a festive theme while having fun taking photos.  

The two most important parts of planning a Valentine’s Day photoshoot for children are the photoshoot theme and taking good baby photos. For boys, dress them up as baby cupid with a red backdrop and heart props. For girls, dress them up in a heart-shaped dress with a pink glitter backdrop. The endless options for being creative and unique with your memorable pictures are endless.  

Children’s photoshoots are also practical because they can be repurposed for other holidays, such as DIY fall baby photoshoots or Christmas baby milestone pictures.  


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