Christening Party Ideas for Hosting a Reception

Christenings are a wonderful time to be with friends and family to celebrate the blessing of your child. This is an important moment in your life that you want to remember for years to come! To do so, you must plan christening party ideas that will set the tone for this special day.  

In this article, we will discuss christening party ideas and tips on how you can make sure everything goes smoothly at the event! 

Christening Party Ideas 

Christian baptism rituals may differ between denominations, but they all commemorate the entrance of a newborn boy or girl into the family religion. So, naturally, a special occasion demands an exceptional celebration. To help, we have gathered some creative christening party ideas to help you plan your reception for family and friends. 

Christening Party Decoration Themes 

Be mindful when selecting a party theme for your child’s christening or baptism party. The party theme you choose will influence many aspects of your celebration, so consider this carefully. There are several creative baptism reception ideas and themes to choose from. Some examples include: 

Religious Christening Themes: You can have a christening celebration that follows the traditions of your family’s denomination. For example, you could incorporate crosses and other religious symbols into your decor. Additionally, you could even adopt an overall theme such as “Garden of Eden” for a garden-themed reception. 

Cuddly Animals Christening Themes: From Winnie the Pooh to The Velveteen Rabbit, tiny and adorable creatures symbolic of childhood are ideal for a party to be shared with loved ones. 

Seasonal Party Themes: You may celebrate your child’s special day at any time of year by combining their baptism theme with the season. For spring, floral arrangements are appropriate; summer, nautical décor is ideal; fall, pumpkins and scarlet hues are perfect; and for winter, snowflakes make wonderful decorations. 

Once you know your child’s baptism party theme, you can start ordering party supplies, balloons, and decoration kits. You can also start planning food for the party. 

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Baptism Luncheon Food Ideas 

Luncheons are a traditional christening party idea, and they are always appreciated! For the main course, you will want to include foods your guests will love. A lunch menu for a baptism celebration may be as informal as a backyard barbecue or buffet, or it might be more elegant, with tableware and linens. 

Serve cheese and meat platters with vegetable garnishments, such as lettuce, tomato slices, pickles, and onions, as well as baskets of rolls and bread to let your guests assemble their own sandwiches. Side dishes and a variety of desserts and sweets round out this simple, make-ahead meal. 

More formal christening menus may include roast beef, crab cakes, or salmon with steamed asparagus or fresh green beans.  

Baptism Reception Desserts 

Desserts are important. It is a perfect time to show off your baking skills or try something new! Moreover, your dessert buffet should include items that are appropriate for children as well as grown-ups. 

Additionally, you could even have different stations with assorted desserts so guests can choose what they want. Here are some ideas for delicious sweets: 

  • Fruit skewers drizzled with chocolate sauce  
  • Miniature pastries, such as fruit tarts and miniature éclairs  
  • Seasonal fruits (may include grapes, melon, or strawberries)  
  • Baked goods, including christening cupcakes decorated with plain white icing, piped on in a cross shape made from vanilla extract and sprinkled with colored sugar.  
  • Sugar cookies decorated to look like christening cakes or baby rattles.  

Christening Cakes 

A christening cake is a likely part of your baby’s baptism celebration. You may decide to make your own christening cake for your party. However, you can also order it from a local bakery.  

Baptism cake ideas include: 

  • Vanilla sponge cakes decorated to look like baby rattles  
  • Vanilla cakes with white icing piped in a cross shape made from vanilla extract and sprinkled with colored sugar to resemble marble cake.  
  • Chocolate cakes adorned with pastel-colored fondant baby rattles. 

Whatever your christening party ideas are, remember to have fun planning the event! This is an incredibly special celebration for you and your family. Whether casual or formal, simple, or extravagant, many christening cake ideas will be perfect for this occasion. 

Hiring a Baptism Party Photographer  

A baptism reception may provide a great excuse to hire a photographer. Having professional photos of the day’s events will be treasured for years to come.  

You can find christening photographers in most areas and they often promote their services online and on social media. 

Here are a few baptism party photo ideas:  

  • Having the ceremony outside in a park or at the beach, with natural backgrounds and lighting. 
  • Take photos of guests arriving at your celebration, including family members who travelled for miles to be there. 
  • Consider taking pictures of people mingling together, having cake, and watching children open gifts. 
  • Take photos of the party activities you plan for your guests to enjoy while at your celebration.  

Generally, each photographer will have their own style and photo ideas for you to consider when looking at christening photographers in your area. 

Planning Christening Guest List and Invitations  

The number of guests invited will vary depending on the venue you choose. Nevertheless, it can be helpful to make a list of potential invitees if others want to attend that are not included on the list—plan on inviting family members, church friends, and family friends. 

Christening Invitation Ideas 

Christening invitations are often hand-written cards, but it is important to make sure they are appropriate.  

Invitation ideas include: 

  • A card with a baby christening cake on the front, along with child-like writing inside to let guests know this is a christening celebration  
  • Cards with traditional christening images and words printed on them. They can say things such as “You are cordially invited to celebrate (child’s name) christening.”  
  • Personalized christening invitations that include information about your christening party, including what time guests should arrive. 

Invitations may be given out to guests in person or sent through mail. It all depends on how formal you want your christening party to be.  

If many people will not make it, consider asking for donations instead of gifts. This way everyone can celebrate with you!  

Activities for Kids at a Christening Party 

If the reception includes children, make sure there are fun activities for them to enjoy.  

Christening games and christening activities may include: 

Classic games: Musical chairs, hide and seek, scavenger hunts, and red rover are timeless classics.  

Water games: If you are having a baptism party in the summer and have outside space, consider renting inflatable water toys, water guns, and slip and slides. 

Card games and board games: Go Fish or Connect Four are kid-friendly games that kids of all ages enjoy.  

Christening Party Favors 

Party favors are gifts given to guests in appreciation for attending. They are often small presents that can be handed out at the end of the party. However, it can be fun to hide favors around, so your guests have an activity when they arrive and leave.  

Christenings Party Favors Ideas 

  • A christening card with favors attached, such as chocolate coins or stickers.  
  • A basket filled with party favors like bubbles, glow sticks and playing cards.  
  • Individually wrapped candy in small bags tied to the chair at each table setting. This way guests can take them home when they leave. 

If you choose to have favors, try to purchase inexpensive ones. This way the cost is low and every child who attends can receive one.  

Planning a Christening Reception Outfit 

We hope this article has helped you think of some ways to plan a christening party! But, the day wouldn’t be complete without a special outfit for your child! Check out some of our most popular baby christening outfits for boys below.  

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