Get Inspired By These Baptism and Christening Decoration Ideas

A baby’s baptism or christening is an event to celebrate. But how you celebrate can elevate a memorable family event into an unforgettable day. In this article, we will go over some of the most popular baptism and christening decoration ideas and offer suggestions of where you can find even more creative inspiration.  

Christening Party and Reception Decor Mainstays 

While planning a christening reception, luncheon, or party can seem daunting, you don’t have to start from scratch. Here are several basic christening decoration ideas that are familiar for a reason: they are familiar party focal points that have a big impact.  

Dessert or Cake Table Decor and/or Backdrop 

One big focus of baptism receptions is the dessert table. This is your center stage for displaying your boldest and biggest christening decor pieces. It’s also a chance to showcase your christening cakes, cupcakes, or cookies, and show how well your food choices complement your theme or decor.  

If the dessert table is center stage, then you should also consider a backdrop, behind the cake table. This is often an oversized poster with a quote or the child’s name, with color and theme elements. With the tabletop display and its backdrop, a large portion of your decoration planning job is over.  

Christening Centerpieces 

With the right application, low-profile, minimal centerpieces can bring a room together, add a smattering of color to guest tables, and provoke thoughtful, memorable conversations between guests. Try to tie in your baptism accent colors, a favorite quote or bible passage, or mementos that guests can take with them.  

Flower Arrangements for Baptism

It is by no means required to order flowers for a christening party. On the other hand, floral arrangements for a christening can have a big visual impact. Including strategically placed flowers at the event helps to establish your reception as a more formal event.  

Balloon Archways or Balloon Features 

Another christening decor trend for parties is elaborate balloon archways and display pieces. These are often used as part of the dessert table backdrop or as an archway for guests to enter through. Balloon archways are also a low-cost, big-impact baptism decor idea.  

Banners, Bunting, Garland, or Streamers 

A tasteful, on-theme banner is a great way to help guests know they are at the right event. Adding in on-theme bunting garland and streamers are a great way to make your color scheme look more cohesive. They are also a relatively low-cost item that you can either pick up from a party store or DIY.  

Christening Color Scheme Ideas 

Picking a color scheme for your party can help to make planning much simpler. Once a color is selected, you know what color of tablecloths, decor, flowers, and even cake to buy. Here are a few baptism celebration color schemes that can’t go wrong:  

  • White 
  • Pink 
  • Blue 
  • Gold 
  • Silver 

While these colors represent the majority of popular color choices for baptism and christening decorations, its also popular to mix and match. Popular color combos include pink and gold,  blue and silver, and white with either silver or gold.  

Popular Baptism and Christening Party Themes 

Choosing a christening party theme can help to focus your planning, especially when it comes to decor ideas. To help select a theme, here are some of the most popular christening themes.  

Boho and Rustic Themed Christening Decorations  

Boho and rustic themes are growing in popularity for baptism and christening parties. Both boho and rustic themes often incorporate natural, organic textures and materials. Check out this idea from a Rustic Elegance Baptism Party via  Kara’s Party Ideas:  

Here’s another rustic themed example from Annabele’s baptism with Sweet Memories Parties:  

Little Lamb Themed Christening Decorations 

Lambs are often a popular theme for baby showers, baby parties, and other events. Christenings are no exception. Check out this theme from Phases of Love via CatchMyParty: 

Angel/Heaven Themed Christening Decorations  

Angles are often a popular theme for baby events like baptisms, christenings, and baby blessings. Here are some ideas from Kaye Garcia Events’ Heavenly Angel Baptism Party for Jacob, via Kara’s Party Ideas

Here is another party with an angel theme from UniquePropsandEvents:  

Nautical Themed Christening Decorations 

Another popular theme, especially for baby boy baptism parties, is nautical. This classic look combines shades of blue with nautical symbols, like anchors, lighthouses, and ships to create a cohesive party design. Check out this idea from Baby and Breakfast:  

Check out this nautical themed christening cake from Designed By Mani Couture Cakes & Events via  

Hot Air Balloon Themed Christening Decorations  

Another cute baptism or christening theme is hot air balloons. This is another one that is popular for baby boy baptism decorations. Check out this image from Michael’s hot air balloon themed christening, Styled by Belle, below.  

Here are some more hot air balloon christening party decor ideas from Cherie Kelly.  

Places to Find More Christening Decoration Ideas 

If you are looking for more christening and baptism party decoration ideas, look no further. Here are three places to find more party inspiration for your upcoming christening luncheon, reception, or party.  

1. Pinterest for Christening Ideas

Pinterest is a great place to visually narrow down your event theme ideas. Here are a couple of helpful links to get your pinning started:  

2. Instagram for Christening Ideas

Another tool you can use is Instagram. This social media platform allows you to easily view photos from christening parties with the help of some helpful hashtags.  

Another great way to use Instagram is by looking up your chosen theme for specific ideas. Here are a few examples:  

Beyond tags, you can also search by keyword on Instagram. Here are some suggestions:  

3. Etsy for Christening Ideas

This online marketplace is a great place to look for decoration ideas for your christening or baptism. Just search Etsy for your theme and find tons of examples you can get ideas from. Here are a few examples:  

Baptism Outfit Ideas for Boys 

At Bebe Couture, we specialize in making special outfits for special occasions in your baby boy’s life. Our christening outfit collection offers outfits specially designed for christenings and baptisms. Let us help take outfit planning off your plate! Here are some of our best-selling baby boy christening and baptism outfits:  

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