Babies in Weddings: Ways to Include Baby in Your Wedding

As you begin to plan your big day, you might be wondering how you can make it that much more memorable. If you haven’t considered bringing your baby into the ceremony, they may add a special feeling of love and enchantment to it. Moreover, there are several ways that you can include babies in weddings. Here are some ideas for baby-friendly weddings!  

Ideas for Including Babies in Weddings

Make your wedding day as memorable as possible by including your kids in the fun. Here is a list of some adorable ways to involve your baby in the festivities:  

Baby as the Wedding Date

If you’re getting married and would love your baby to be with you on your special day but don’t think they can handle tossing flower petals down the aisle, try giving them a front-row seat! Trust us, wedding guests won’t mind taking an extra peek at the little prince or princess.

Babies as the Wedding Party

Babies as part of the wedding party are always a hit!  

You can have babies smiling at their parents or looking adorable as they walk down the aisle — either way, babies in the wedding party are a delightful sight to see!  

Baby in the Wedding Carriage

If you are doing the traditional carriage, consider having babies join in too! It’s lots of fun to have babies riding along with their parents. Even better, babies in a wedding carriage — especially with a parent’s wedding dress flowing behind them — is a beautiful sight to see.  

Your Baby as The Ring Bearer

Most weddings need a ring bearer to carry the couple’s wedding rings down the aisle. However, what if you had an adorable baby carry the ring down the aisle instead? If you and your baby are ready to be the talk of the wedding this year then start practicing! 

Have a Baby Blessing

A blessing by the officiant is a fantastic way to include your baby in the wedding ceremony. This may be done at the start of your vows or right afterward to bless the whole new family.   

You may also bless your family with a hug and kiss instead of just kissing the bride. It’s entirely up to you and the officiant as to how this will play out. 

Give a Meaningful Present to Your Baby

If the parents exchange rings, it’s an excellent idea to give the baby a unique present at the same time, with promises read aloud when handing out each item. Also, consider giving them their own necklaces, medallions, or other mementos. 

Including Your Baby in Your Wedding

Finding a special way to include your baby in your wedding makes the day even more memorable and meaningful. The best thing about including babies in weddings is that it’s not expected! It will be special and memorable for everyone involved.  

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