6 Baby Boy Wedding Outfit Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect baby boy wedding outfit? The search can be overwhelming with so many choices – but fear not! From practical baby tuxedo bodysuits to colorful bow ties, there are plenty of ways to make your child formal, stylish, and comfortable. We’ve rounded up six of our favorite looks that we know your little one will look dashing at you or your loved one’s wedding.  

6 Baby Boy Wedding Outfit Ideas by Bebé Couture

Many families attending a wedding soon ask, “What should a child wear to a wedding?” If you need baby ring bearer ideas or outfit tips on including babies at weddings, we have you covered on the best child formalwear.  

Whether it’s your wedding or attending a loved one’s, we’ll share six baby boy wedding outfit ideas to try for your special event below.  

1. Baby Tuxedos 

The first on our list of baby boy wedding outfit ideas are classic baby tuxedos. This option will always be timeliness, and nowadays, the fabrics and materials are more practical and comfortable — for parents and children. 

Infant suits for a wedding are typically designed as a onesie with softer fabrics for extra diaper support and to prevent rashes. If you’re looking for baby boy wedding outfit summer suits, choose lighter colors such as greys, neutrals, or pastel colors to keep as cool as possible.  

If you’re searching for suits for toddlers, choose clothes with slip-on pieces or snap-on buttons for easy dressing.  

baby boy wedding outfit

2. Tuxedo Bandanas 

A tuxedo bandana is a perfect pair to an infant suit for a wedding. Who says child formalwear can’t be fancy and practical? Tuxedo bandanas are perfect for newborn wedding outfits because they dress up your little one’s outfit while catching any unexpected messes that won’t ruin their entire outfit. Make sure to pack a few backup tuxedo bandanas, just in case!  

baby boy tuxedo bandana

3. Baby Bow Ties

Tuxedo bandanas for infants are like bow ties for toddlers. Since bowties can be a choking hazard for younger babies, ensure your child is age-appropriate for this wedding outfit option.  

Not only are bowties perfect for a baby boy suit for a wedding, but they’re the main accessory option where you can have the most creativity. Bowties come in endless patterns, shades, and colors while keeping the same structure to ensure your toddler wedding outfit stays formal. If the wedding is semiformal for boys, choose a fun and bright pattern that will stand out in the best way.  

baby bow tie

4. Newsboy Baby Caps

Next on our list of baby boy wedding outfit ideas are newsboy caps. This regal look is the perfect accessory for both newborn wedding outfits and a toddler wedding outfit. Newsboy caps add a vintage flair for boys and are practical in covering their heads from the sun, rain, and cold — especially for families attending outdoor weddings.  

baby boy wedding hat

5. White Baby Slip-On Sneakers

Baby slip-on sneakers are versatile because they can be dressed down and up. Choose white sneakers to pair with baby boy wedding outfit summer suits so they can remain cool and more on the season trends. Slip-on sneakers are also semi-formal for boys, so pair some pants and a button-up to make it all come all together for less formal weddings. When possible, choose slip-on sneakers over laces to prevent tripping hazards for babies and toddlers.  

baby boy wedding shoes

6. Suede Oxford Baby Dress Shoes

Last on our list of baby boy wedding outfit ideas are suede oxford shoes. This accessory provides a softer structure versus slip-on sneakers and can be repurposed for many child formalwear events like gender reveal parties, mommy showers, and first birthdays. Suede oxford shoes can be paired with suits for toddlers or with pants and a button-up for semi-formal weddings.  

baby boy wedding shoes

Shop for a Baby Boy Wedding Outfit from Bebé Couture

Whether you’re looking for a complete baby boy wedding outfit or a few accessories, we have what you need for your little man to stand out in the best way at an upcoming wedding. From slip-on baby dress shoes to tuxedo bandanas, the options are endless for this type of special event.  

Shop Bebé Couture for a baby boy wedding outfit today! 

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