Baby Ring Bearer Ideas: When Your Ring Bearer Can’t Walk Yet

Congrats! Weddings are a magical time for all involved. If you’re planning your big day and want to include baby in your ceremony, what better way than as a ring bearer? But wait — are there any baby ring bearer ideas for infants? Yes, it’s possible and fun! Baby ring bearer ideas don’t just have to include walking — you can get creative. Below are baby ring bearer ideas for when your ring bearer can’t walk yet. 

Decorate a wagon or carriage for the baby to sit in. 

As baby ring bearer ideas go, this is one of the most creative. All you need to do is buy or construct a baby carriage or wagon that will follow behind the flower girl. 

It can look just like a traditional baby carriage, but it’s a special baby carriage, made specifically so your baby can hold your wedding rings for you during the ceremony. Baby ring bearer wagons for weddings are typically white or very light in color to match with most decor. Carriages are best used indoors, while baby ring bearer wagons can be helpful for outdoor weddings. 

This baby idea also comes with some cute baby ring bearer signs. Decorate the wedding wagon or baby carriage with baby-appropriate wedding signs. For example, there may be baby ring bearer ideas that say “Baby’s Ring Bearer,” “Ring Around the Rosie,” or something of the sort. 

Purchase a personalized walker and have the baby push it down the aisle. 

A baby walker can be just the thing to help your ring bearer get down the aisle if he needs a little assistance standing but has enough leg strength to keep his wheels turning. 

You can even personalize it with the bride and groom’s names, the wedding date, or the name of the ring bearer. It also makes for a practical present for baby! 

If your aisle is particularly long, have someone carry the infant halfway down it and withdraw the walker as they approach. 

Skip his role in the processional altogether. 

For a baby who’s too young to walk, you may just need ideas that allow them the chance to sit the ceremony out. That’s totally okay! 

This is especially true if the baby is very young and cannot handle being in a baby ring bearer outfit or carrying a bouquet. Fortunately, there are many ways to include baby in your wedding ceremony

Put him in an infant ring bearer outfit and have dad carry baby into the ceremony. 

Or, have baby sit on a plush baby-sized chair placed near the altar or front row of seats. You could even have baby sit with the flower girl or ushers. 

Whatever baby ring bearer ideas you come up with, just have fun with them! Your baby should have an equally enjoyable day as you. 

Baby Ring Bearer Outfits 

A baby ring bearer can be a great way to include a baby in your wedding, and there’s no reason why baby ring bearer ideas have to stop when your child isn’t walking just yet.  

We hope this gives you some baby ring bearer ideas for baby and baby-appropriate signs. If you are looking for the perfect ring bearer outfit, Bebe Couture is the perfect solution! Check out our collection of baby boy wedding outfits today. Once again, congratulations on your upcoming ceremony! 

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