Cute, Crafty and Clever Boy Baby Shower Themes

Your baby boy is on the way! So naturally, it’s time to plan the best welcoming party for your little one. There are plenty of boy baby shower themes to celebrate your bundle of joy’s arrival. 

Parents, when it comes to planning a baby shower for your little guy, the options can seem endless. But never fear! We’re here to help narrow it down for you. From boy baby shower themes that are sure to get your guests excited to ideas for decorations and activities, we’ve got everything you need to throw the perfect boy baby shower. So, read on and get inspired! 

Planning a Baby Shower for Baby Boy 

When it comes to boy baby shower themes, anything goes! From sports and animals to cars and pirates, there are endless possibilities. You can choose a theme that reflects your interests or go with something more classic. If you’re stuck on ideas, we’ve got some suggestions for boy baby shower themes below. 

No matter what theme you choose, there are a few basics that all baby showers have in common. First, the shower is typically held about two months before the baby is born but go for it if you prefer to wait until closer to the due date. Next, the shower should be a time to celebrate the new baby, so make sure to send out invitations well in advance specifying the party’s date, time, and location. 

Furthermore, you’ll also want to include information on what parents can expect at the shower, such as whether there will be games and what gifts are on your registry. And don’t forget to give guests a heads up on the baby’s gender if you know it! 

Other tips include: 

  • sending out a save the dates;
  • setting up a registry;
  • choosing a location and sending out Evites or snail mail invitations;

However, now that we’ve covered the basics let’s look at some boy baby shower themes. 

Boy Baby Shower Themes for Every Party 

Choosing a theme for your boy baby shower is the first step in planning a party that will excite guests of all ages. We’ve got you covered, from classic themes to those with a more modern twist. 

1.Little Man Theme

The little man theme is a popular choice for boy baby showers, as it offers plenty of possibilities for decorations and activities. You can go with a traditional look by using blue and green colors throughout the party or adding fun details like suspenders, bowties, and plaid patterns. 

When planning food for your little man theme baby shower, think about classic boy favorites that everyone will love. Try favorites like hot dogs and hamburgers or go for a more sophisticated menu with baby back ribs and pulled pork. And don’t forget the dessert table! From cupcakes to cake pops, a range of sweet treats will please all tastes. 

If you’re looking for some fun activities to keep guests entertained, why not set up a photo booth with props like mustaches and top hats? Additionally, have guests play games like baby bottle bowling or guess the baby’s weight. 


Choosing decorations can be as easy as raiding your local party store or going online for inspiration. Of course, you’ll want to stick with boyish colors like blue, green and brown, and add some props like toy cars and trucks. 

Little man theme decorations can include: 
  • Suspend bunting or banners in boy colors like blue, green and yellow; 
  • Put up a banner that says “It’s A Boy!”; 
  • Fill jars with blue and white candy (like M&Ms) to create a candy buffet; 
  • Have mustache, bow tie, and suit props; 
  • Blue helium balloons printed with “It’s A Boy”; 
  • Decorate the cake or cupcake stand with a toy cars or truck; 


2. Camping Theme

Why not go with a camping theme for parents who love the outdoors? This theme is perfect for a boy baby shower, as it offers plenty of opportunities for fun activities and decorations. For example, you can set up a realistic campsite in your backyard or living room, complete with tents, logs to sit on and campfire props. 

Serve up campfire snacks like hot dogs and s’mores, or opt for something more unique, such as buffalo chicken dip or pulled pork sliders. Try apple cider, root beer, or even hot chocolate in camping mugs for drinks. 

To keep guests entertained, set up a scavenger hunt or have them make their own trail mix. You can also play games like pin the hat on the scout or three-legged race. 


Camping theme decorations can be as simple or elaborate as you like. For example, if you’re handy with a needle and thread, you could make your bunting and flags out of felt or fabric. You could also use brown wrapping paper to create a rustic look for the party. 

Some ideas for camping theme decorations include: 
  • Tents, logs, and campfire props to create a realistic campsite; 
  • Bunting and flags in boy colors like green, brown and yellow; 
  • Pinecone garland; 
  • Brown paper streamers; 
  • Rustic signs with sayings like “Welcome to the Woods” or “Outdoorsman’s Paradise”; 
  • Hanging lanterns; 
  • Camping themed tableware; 


3. Baby Boy Ahoy Theme

If you’re looking for a nautical-themed baby shower, the baby boy ahoy theme is perfect. You can decorate with sailboats, anchors, and blue and white stripes, or go for a more subtle look by using light blues and whites. 

Serve tasty crab cakes and lobster rolls, or try something more casual like fish tacos. For drinks, serve up lemonade, iced tea or root beer floats. 

Have guests play games like baby bottle bowling or bobbing for pacifiers fun games and activities. Additionally, set up a photoshoot area with nautical-themed props like anchors and captain’s hats. 


Nautical baby boy shower decorations can be as simple as using blue and white striped decorations or as elaborate as creating a life-sized sailboat out of cardboard boxes. You could also hang pennants and streamers or create sailboat centerpieces 

Some ideas for nautical baby boy shower decorations include: 
  • Sailboats, anchors, and other nautical props; 
  • Sea creature table decorations; 
  • Nautical balloons and banners; 
  • Pennants and streamers in blues, reds, and whites; 


4. Cowboy Theme

Another popular boy baby shower theme is the cowboy theme. You can go with a traditional look by using browns and oranges throughout the party or adding fun details like bandanas, sheriff stars and horseshoes. 

Get out the grill and serve up some Texas-style barbecue like brisket or ribs. For sides, try beans, potato salad or coleslaw. Serve drinks in Mason jars and serve root beer floats for a little extra fun. Try a range of cowboy-themed treats like mini pies, cookies, and brownies for dessert. 

Play games like horseshoes or pin the tail on the donkey to keep guests entertained. Not to mention, you could also set up a cowboy photo booth with props like cowboy hats and bandanas. 


Cowboy baby boy shower decorations can be as simple as using hay bales and Western-themed tablecloths or creating a life-sized barn scene for your space. Additionally, you could also hang Western-inspired banners and streamers or use brown wrapping paper to create a rustic feel. 

Some ideas for cowboy baby boy shower decorations include: 
  • Barns, hay bales and other Western props; 
  • Banners and streamers in Western colors like red, orange, yellow and brown; 
  • Cowboy hats, bandanas, and cow colored decorations; 
  • Western-themed tableware and glasses; 


5. Under Construction Theme 

The under construction theme is perfect for parents who are expecting a boy and love to DIY. You can decorate with tools and hard hats or go for a more subtle look by using light blues, yellows, and whites. 

Serve classic dishes like pizza or chicken fingers, as well as more challenging options such as a build-your-own-burger bar. For a sweet treat, try a deconstructed sundae or milkshake bar. 

Don’t forget about fun activities to keep guests entertained. For example, consider setting up a construction-themed photo booth or having guests play games like Jenga or Connect Four. 


Under construction, baby boy shower decorations can look like a real construction site! Use caution tape, hard hats and tools as props. 

Some ideas for under construction baby boy shower decorations include: 
  • Construction-themed balloons, banners, and garlands; 
  • Caution tape, hard hats, and tools as props; 
  • Construction-themed tableware and centerpieces; 
  • Construction cake toppers; 


6. Peter Rabbit Theme

If you are fans of Beatrix Potter, the Peter Rabbit theme is perfect. You can decorate with carrots, bunnies and leaves or go for a softer aesthetic look by using light greens and off-whites. 

Serve your guests traditional English tea with cucumber sandwiches, scones, and the like. For dessert, try a range of Peter Rabbit-themed treats like carrot cake or cookies. 

Activities could include a hunt for hidden carrots around the party space with prizes for the winners. In addition, throw in a fun photo op with a fun woodland-themed background. 


Decorate the space with props like carrots, bunnies and leaves or hang green garlands and ivy. 

Some ideas for Peter Rabbit baby boy shower decorations include: 
  • Woodland creature props like bunnies, deer, and squirrels; 
  • Peter Rabbit-themed tableware; 
  • Floral centerpieces; 
  • Pastel-colored streamers and banners; 
  • Peter Rabbit welcome sign; 


7. Little Slugger Theme

A fun sports-themed baby boy shower is the perfect way to celebrate the family’s newest member. You can decorate with baseballs, bats, and helmets or add a personal touch by using your favorite team’s colors. 

Give your guests that a tase of a real home game! Of course, serving fun ballpark foods like hot dogs, nachos and popcorn is a must. For dessert, try treats like mini-cakes, or Rice Krispie Treats in the shape of baseballs. 

Don’t forget to make sure there’s something for your guests to do! Set up a batting cage or have people play games like cornhole and ping pong. Grab a baseball-themed backdrop and set up a photoshoot! 


Setting up space for a Little Slugger baby boy shower is easy with decorations like baseballs, bats, and helmets. Additionally, you can also use team colors to decorate with streamers, balloons, and tableware. 

Some ideas for Little Slugger baby boy shower decorations include: 
  • Baseballs, bats, and helmets photo props; 
  • Team-colored streamers, balloons, and tableware; 
  • “Welcome Little Slugger” banner; 
  • Little slugger pennant set; 


8. Baby Bear Theme

This theme is perfect for those who love nature and animals. You can use brown, green, and cream colors to decorate your party space.  

Serve food like honey-glazed ham sandwiches, baby bear claw cookies and fruit cups with yogurt dip. 

Activities could include a nature scavenger hunt or making teddy bear crafts for baby boy’s arrival. 


You can use brown, green, and cream colors to decorate with streamers, balloons, and tableware. 

Some ideas for baby boy shower decorations in a baby bear cub theme include: 
  • Brown, green, and cream streamers, balloons, and tableware; 
  • Forest animal props like bears, deer, and foxes; 
  • “We can bearly wait!” banner; 
  • Fun baby bear glassware; 
  • Teddy bear garlands; 


Now that you have some boy baby shower themes, it’s time to get planning! Add your personal touches, and you’re sure to have a party that everyone will enjoy. 

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Games for Boy Baby Showers 

So, while you’ve got the themes and decorations on lock, don’t forget about the games. Here are a few boy baby shower game ideas for you to choose from: 

Generally, playing any of these games is a fantastic method to keep your visitors amused while you take a well-deserved rest and open your presents! 

The Ideal Baby Boy Baby Shower Gift 

What is the ideal present for a new baby boy? Well, there are many answers to this question, as there are several wonderful items on the market created particularly for newborns. If you’re not sure what to ask for or put on your registry, we’ve got some tips! 


Clothes are a never-ending story! As soon as baby fits into it, they outgrow it the next week. No worries, though; the trick is to buy bigger sizes for little one to grow into. Let your friends and family know this, and you’ll be sure to have something for baby as he grows! 

From the simple to the sophisticated, our Bebe Couture Collection will help you turn your baby boy’s first ensemble into a fashionable and adorable hit! 


A brand new library for your newborn boy is always an appreciated gift! Books with brightly colored pages and exciting textures will keep your little one captivated and learning for hours on end. 

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Rattles, mobiles, stuffed animals–boy baby shower gifts are often geared towards toys that make noise or can be played with. So, if you’re looking for a gift that will keep your child entertained, look no further! 


Typically, when it comes to boy baby shower gifts, sometimes the best items are the most functional. Thus, a diaper bag, car seat and stroller set can make life with a newborn so much easier. 

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Overall, there’s a lot to do before baby boy is on the way. But, you’ve got it! With these boy baby shower themes, decorations, and games, you’re well on your way to throwing a fantastic party that everyone will love. From all of us here at Bebe Couture, congratulations! 

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