How to Plan a Baptism Party with Brooklyn Vendors

Planning a baptism party for your little one is an exciting and joyous celebration for the whole family. With preparation, you can make this special day even more memorable by working with local Brooklyn vendors to make your event successful. Here’s our go-to baptism checklist when planning with vendors, including our local recommendations. 

5 Tips When Planning a Baptism Party

When planning a baptism party, many factors require pre-planning for a successful event. Here are five tips to keep in mind when planning a Christening celebration.  

Tip #1: Book a Baptism Venue Near the Church for Easy Guest Travel After the Ceremony

A baptism party is always after the ceremony, so it’s technically two events that require planning. We highly recommend using a baptism venue as close as possible to the church to make the events transition easily from reception to celebration. This will allow easy guest travels from the church’s baptism ceremony to the party venue afterward.  

Tip #2: Schedule Gap Time Between the Ceremony and Baptism Party 

As mentioned, a baptism reception and celebration should be considered two mini-events when planning. So, having the same availability that works for the church and baptism venue is crucial. When scheduling times between the two venues, including gap times between the ceremony and party, allow guest traveling – especially in Brooklyn!  

If the baptism venue is further away from the church, allow for extra time in between when booking these venues, so your guests aren’t late to the baptism party.  

Tip #3: Choose Catering Vendors vs. Sit Down Restaurants for a Baptism Party

As with any event, your guests must eat. Make feeding your baptism party guests as easy as possible using a restaurant caterer or catering company. When guests can serve themselves as much as they please, there’s less worry about individual dishes and menu customizations.  

Additionally, it’s also more cost-effective when your baptism party is buffet style versus per plate. Spend less time on food and more time enjoying the Christening celebration with catering.  

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Tip #4: Shop from Local Bakeries and Florists to Lower Travel Damage Risks and Support Local Businesses

If the baptism venue you choose doesn’t include event florists or if you want a custom Christening cake, consider local florist and bakery options to lower their travel risks — especially in Brooklyn! Christening cakes and baptism decorations include delicate cargo that can go unplanned in heavy traffic. Less travel distance can reduce the travel damage risk. Plus, it’s always great to support local businesses.  

Tip #5: Consider All-Inclusive Venues for Easy Baptism Party Planning

The most practical option when planning a baptism party is to have an all-inclusive vendor. Look for baptism venues that offer event planning, catering, flowers, and decorating, so you don’t have to worry about outsourcing all separate vendors for these services.  

An all-inclusive baptism venue includes everything families need in the party planning process for added convenience. Depending on the vendor, it may offer more cost-saving options than all separate vendors combined.  

Brooklyn Venues for Events We Recommend for a Baptism Party

Now that you know the best baptism party planning practices, we’ll share our recommendations for local Brooklyn baptism vendors below.  

Brooklyn Churches for a Baptism Reception

Before planning a baptism party, organizing the baptism reception at the church is the first step. Here are the two churches we recommend for a baptism venue in Brooklyn, NY.  

St. Athanasius Roman Catholic Church

Our first church venue in Brooklyn, NY, we recommend is St. Athanasius Roman Catholic Church. They’re a great church option for a baptism reception because they offer many online resources in their blog, current news, and social media that are perfect for baptismal celebration planning.  

St. Athanasius also offers the following ministries and group services for local Brooklyn residents: 

  • Religious education for children and adults 
  • Altar servers 
  • Eucharistic ministers 
  • Weekly devotions 
  • Youth ministry for teenagers and families 
  • Church event meetups  
  • Lectors 
  • Music/choir  

Additionally, St Athanasius is a large and beautiful church venue with a loving community.  

Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Our second church venue in Brooklyn, NY, we recommend is the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. This church is the largest in NYC and provides a stunning architectural landscape. We highly recommend this historical church option for families who want a traditional baptismal celebration. It’s also an ideal baptism venue for large families and guest lists.  

Brooklyn Bakeries for a Baptism Party Cake

If your venue doesn’t include custom baptism cakes, here are our two local Brooklyn bakeries we recommend for a Christening party.  

Mia’s Brooklyn Bakery

Our first recommendation for a baptism cake vendor is Mia’s Brooklyn Bakery. They’re top-rated and a local bakery that specializes in custom Christening cakes. Mia’s also has another NYC location in Times Square if you plan a Christening in NYC.  

Fortunato Brothers

Fortunato Brothers is a classic, old-school bakery serving Brooklyn since 1976. Even though Brooklyn has undoubtedly changed over the years, Fortunato Brothers remain true to Brooklyn culture. Fortunato’s is an Italian bakery that offers specialty cookies, cakes, and pastries that even ships nationwide! They also offer special events catering for baptisms with custom tiers, cake filling, and total guest servings.  

Baptism Party Venues in Brooklyn 

Now that you have recommendations on Brooklyn vendors to feed your guests, the next step is to plan the venue for the baptism party. Below are our two Brooklyn venues for events, including baptism party ideas.  

BK Venues

If you’re looking for a modern and entertaining Brooklyn venue for a baptism party, we recommend BK venues. They have multiple locations, including a rooftop venue in Brooklyn — perfect for planning a summer Christening.  There are many reasons to plan a summer Christening party because guests can choose to be indoors or outdoors. Additionally, it’s another way to make your baptismal celebration even more beautiful.  

Sirico’s Caterers

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive Brooklyn venue for a baptism party, Sirico’s Caterers is a practical vendor option. Sirico’s Caterers offers everything you need for a baptismal celebration, including catering, event planning, and venue space. We highly suggest this Brooklyn venue option for those looking to make the Baptism party planning process as easy as possible.  

Brooklyn Catering for a Baptism Party

If your Brooklyn venue doesn’t include catering for a baptism party, below are our two suggestions for local vendor options.  

Real Food Catering

The first catering venue we recommend for a baptism party is Real Food Catering. They’re recommended as a catering partner from BK venues with multiple NYC and Brooklyn locations. Real Food Catering has won multiple awards from WeddingWire and Bride’s Choice Awards and has been featured in major event media outlets like Brooklyn Bride, Style Me Pretty, and Brides.   

Heavenly Events & Catering

Our second Brooklyn vendor recommendation for catering is Heavenly Events & Catering. This local vendor is an all-inclusive caterer specializing in Christening catering and event planning and offering a venue space. They’re a practical option for those who want an easy Baptism party planning process.  

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Brooklyn Florist Shops for a Baptism Party

Florist shops are the last vendors to remember for a baptismal celebration. Here are the two local Brooklyn florists we recommend.  

Marine Florists

The first florist shop we recommend in Brooklyn for a baptism party is Marine Florists. They’re a local business that understands the NYC rush and fast-paced lifestyle with offered rush and same-day delivery services. Marine Florists also offers many bouquet options with customizations to match your baptism party theme and aesthetic.  

June Florist

The last go-to Brooklyn vendor we suggest for baptism party floral decorations is June Florist. This floral shop has designers that work with the freshest, in-season flowers to offer their customers the finest floral arrangements for any occasion. They also offer same-day delivery with customizable decoration options to match your baptismal celebration’s needs.  

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