5 Unique Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Are you looking for unique baby shower themes for boys? You’ve come to the right place to celebrate the little bun in the oven with new ideas! From citrus celebrations to little chefs, here are five baby boy shower themes with decoration tips to make your special event stand out. 

5 Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Are you planning a mommy shower and searching for new boy baby shower themes? In this blog, we’ll break down different baby shower themes for boys with planning tips — here’s what you should know!  

1. State-Specific Woodland Baby Boy Shower Themes

First on our list of baby shower themes for boys is a woodland party theme. You may have seen a woodland baby shower theme before, but to make this special, make the party decorations specific to where you live.  

baby shower themes for boys
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For example, if you live in a heavily forested area, use pine trees, deer, and bear decorations. For areas in the Midwest, you can use deserts, cacti, and armadillo decorations.  

Woodland themes can be uncommon unique boy baby shower themes by making it state-specific to where you live. Try adding your state’s animal or famous state park destinations into cookie decorations, wall decals, baby shower book gifts, and table settings.  

This theme is perfect for fall, families looking for neutral baby shower themes, or nature enthusiasts. If you have family members who live out of state, consider hosting a virtual baby shower simultaneously so everyone can be connected no matter where they are. You’ll surely enjoy the “outdoors” with this special woodland party with the mom-to-be.  


2. Little Chef Baby Shower Boy Themes

Is the mom-to-be a foodie or loves being in the kitchen? Then a little chef baby shower theme is perfect for her little bun in the oven. The best part of a little chef baby shower theme is its versatility. It can be a chef theme with savory foods or a pasty theme with sweet desserts. 

If you’re a mom-to-be with a major sweet tooth, consider a little pastry theme instead or a three-course meal to have it all! An appetizer, lunch, and dessert fit perfectly in a little chef’s baby shower menu while satisfying mom’s cravings.  

Here are some ways to decorate little chef baby shower themes for boys: 

  • Guest chef hats and aprons on a rolling cart for fun dress up and pictures  
  • Red checkered table sets for an old-school pizzeria aesthetic (can swap it an Italian, deli, or other favorite food style themes instead) 
  • A diaper cake and cooking utensils for practical decorations that mom can use later 
  • Mini cutting board and menu centerpieces  
  • Pizza-making or mini cake decorating guest activities (sweet or savory) 

For families expecting a boy but searching for gender-neutral baby shower themes, this little chef theme is also a great option for your celebration.  


3. Citrus Celebration Boy Baby Shower Themes

Next on our list of creative, unique boy baby shower themes is a citrus celebration. This orange party aesthetic is perfect for spring or summer and will sweeten your special day. It’s super simple to plan baby shower themes around fruit too for families looking for easy event organizing.  

Here are some ways to decorate citrus celebration baby shower themes for boys: 

  • Orange fruit towers or filled orange fruit flower vases as table centerpieces 
  • DIY mimosa bar and mocktails — offer oranges, little cuties, blood oranges, and grapefruit with fresh fruit juices or fruit-flavored wine spritzers  
  • Orange and hints of green balloons/garlands to represent orange plants and for great color contrast 

Citrus celebrations are also great unisex gender-neutral baby shower themes for families looking for another option to celebrate their baby boy. “Orange” you glad you found a new way to brighten up your baby shower?  


4. “Boy” Story (Toy Story) Baby Shower Themes

Everyone has seen or heard of Pixar’s Toy Story, so why not incorporate this classic children’s movie into themes for a boy baby shower? Child guests are sure to recognize this theme and be more engaged in the party — and adult guests can re-live their childhood too!   

Here are some ways to decorate a “Boy” Story baby shower theme: 

  • Block letters of the baby’s name spelled out  
  • Red, yellow, blue, and cow print balloons and garlands to represent Woody’s outfit  
  • Toy Story-themed cake with character decorations  
  • Different character themes for each table setting — Buzz Lightyear table, Jessie table, Mr. Potato Head table, and more 

A “Boy” Story baby shower theme is also easy for families looking for simple party inspiration, planning, and decoration ideas.  


5. Here Comes the “Son” Boy Baby Shower Themes

Last on our list of baby boy baby shower themes is a “Here Comes the ‘Son’” celebration. This baby shower theme is perfect for summertime, especially if it’s outdoors.  

Here are some ways to decorate a Here Comes the “Son” baby shower theme: 

  • Yellow, orange, and sun-shaped balloons and balloon garland — add hints of blue and green balloons for an earthy summer aesthetic  
  • Sun wall decal for the expected mother to open baby shower gifts in front of 
  • Sun-printed table sets with yellow flower centerpieces 
  • Warm-colored desserts like lemon cupcakes, orange Julius popsicles, and sun-shaped macarons 
  • Yellow dress code theme for guests and matching pictures 

Here Comes the “Son” works perfectly as baby shower themes for boys and will brighten your special celebration.  


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A unique baby shower theme you’re excited about can help make the event more memorable. From region-specific woodland themes to citrus celebrations, we hope you’re inspired by these baby shower themes for boys for your special occasion.  

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